We head to Clunes, one of the towns where Mad Max was filmed for the Mad Max Reunion Tour


LAST weekend Street Machine went to Clunes, a small town near Ballarat made (semi) famous by being one of the film locations for the original Mad Max movie. It was where the Toecutter Gang came to collect the body of the Nightrider and where the Freedom Riders of Australia decided to hold their Johnny The Boy Lives Reunion Tour this year. Basically, it was a crazy Mad Max get together, where hundreds of people came in their replica movie cars and bikes and wore movie-style clothes.

As part of the event we cruised to a bunch of other film locations with some replica rides and met a lot of incredibly passionate Mad Max fans along the way. Check out the video to see how it went down as Editor Telfo – a self-confessed Mad Max nut – joined the Mad Max reunion tour.