Video highlights from Drag Challenge day three at Sunset Strip in Mildura


DAY three of Street Machine Drag Challenge was run with the super-friendly folk at Sunset Strip in Mildura. Like Portland, Mildura is an eighth-mile strip, but this time the racing was both hot and hectic.

Terry Seng and the Paramount Performance team started the day with a transmission swap into their VC Commodore, putting the crew a little behind schedule. Also behind the eight ball was Adam Rogash in the NOSHOW VT Clubsport. Adam’s co-driver Johnny Pilla had a mandatory wedding in Melbourne on Saturday and didn’t make it back to Portland until the very early hours.

The rules state that any crew members must rejoin Drag Challenge at the same place they left, meaning Adam had to cool his heels and wait for Johnny to return. That meant they got to Mildura late in the day and with rain clouds approaching, things were getting tense for Seng, Rogash and Harry Haig, who also hadn’t taken his POP666 HQ for a run.

Rain did indeed stop proceedings for a while, but once it was gone there was a late flurry of passes by the likes of Seng, Haig, Rogash, Brendan Cherry and reigning champ Quentin Feast. Most racers were a little off their times from Portland, although Harry got the HQ humming for his last couple of passes. We’re yet to tabulate all the results, but it looks like Terry Seng and Quentin Cherry will be neck and neck going into tomorrow’s round at Heathcote Park.

Louis Younis, who destroyed a piston in his Torana yesterday also managed to find himself an engine, and swap it into the car overnight and make it to Sunset Strip just in time to make a pass. He’s still officially out of the competition due because swapping an engine breaches the rules but he can still join in the fun.

Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors for helping make Drag Challenge 2015 possible: Haltech, Castlemaine Rod Shop, Mack 247 and Turbosmart.