Unique Cars Rolling 30 2022

After a few frustrating delays, the cars and steroid-infused coffee event was a roaring success

Photographers: Shaun Tanner

Unique Cars Rolling 30 finally returned to Sydney Motorsport Park on Saturday, for a full day of laid-back track cruising with a classic flavour.

Covid and bad weather forced editor Guy Allen and the UC crew to postpone Rolling 30 a few times, making this just the second event since its debut in 2019.

Based on the popular ‘cars and coffee’ genre, Rolling 30 adds a relaxed track cruising aspect, forgoing the pressure of timed laps or competitive manoeuvres. As the name suggests, cars must be 30 or older to participate.

This year’s entrant variety was enormous, with big turnouts from numerous specialty clubs and plenty of cool individual vehicles. Japanese classics of the chrome and plastic-bumper variety shared the track with British and European goodies, alongside the requisite Aussie and American cruisers. All in all, about 160 cars rolled through the gates.

The day also provided an awesome (and free) experience for spectators, who enjoyed a chilled-out atmosphere and pits filled with iconic cars.

UC scribblers rocked up with some of their own projects, too. Glenn Torrens’s two early Commodore rescues copped a workout on the track, as did one of his Beetles. Guy tagged along for the ride, who had also brought along Dave Morley for the Melbourne-to-Sydney drive in his own Mercedes 300SEL.

Keep your eyes on the Rolling 30 Facebook group for an announcement on the next event. According to Guy, the team are eyeing off a few interstate Rolling 30s in the not-too-distant future.

Paul Newbold drove his 1961 MGA from Melbourne to Sydney to participate. He faced a few hiccups along the way, including having to bleed the clutch on morning of Rolling 30, but he successfully cut some happy laps across the day.

Daniel Caballero’s rare Nissan Cedric wagon was one of GT’s top picks. It’s powered by a 2.0 straight six, paired three-speed column shift. According to Daniel, it started as a paddock rescue.

Robert Jarrouj’s LTD luxo-barge is a neat package. There’s a Barra turbo under the bonnet in place of the just-adequate EFI 4.1 originally provided.

Brock racer tributes (and a few real-deal streeters) are always a cool sight, especially when complemented by period rivals including a Texaco Sierra and Moffat-spec RX7.

Aaron Gregory’s SMOTY-winning ’51 Chevy pickup is an ever-evolving beast. It looked killer aired out in the pits, now wearing some fresh bolt-on aero gear.