Mark Aldington's twin-turbo 1000rwhp VC Commodore ISFAIR hits the strip for the first time at Red CentreNATS


MARK Aldington recently finished the build of his insanely cool VC Commodore ‘ISFAIR’ and took it to Red CentreNATS to clock up its first track miles. Under the bonnet is a seriously stout 427-cube LS motor with a pair of Turbonetics 75mm spinners, with external gates and all the good gear. On the dyno at MPW Performance we saw it stomp out north of 1000hp at the rear wheels.

It’s a similar setup to what Adam Rogash (who also tuned this car) ran in his NOSHOW Clubsport last year which ran 7.9 at Calder. In a lighter car, Mark’s ISFAIR has got serious potential. The donk is backed by a Powerglide and 9-inch rear end and the shell has been stripped and caged with a tougher floor. It’s street registered and the aim is to eventually run sevens.

We caught up with Mark at Red CentreNATS in Alice Springs before he took his tough new Commodore for its first trip down the quarter mile. A 9.9 @ 145mph, getting a little out of shape just before the 60 foot marker, is nothing to sneeze at!