Wild Holden HQ Monaro at Summernats – BANG ON

Shaun Horton's wild chopped and blown custom HQ Monaro was a Summernats 31 Grand Champion contender


SHAUN Horton had Jodie Vincitorio’s former HQ Monaro “CHOPT” back in the Summernats Elite Hall this year and looking stunning, having given it a massive birthday in the previous year. The 400ci blown, heavily customised coupe picked up a slew of tinware, including High Impact Award, Top 20, and Top Super Street.

 Upon getting his hands on the HQ, Shaun pretty much gutted the whole car but left all of Jodie’s incredible metalwork as it was. He added the stunning all chromed and all polished 400ci blown and injected small-block Chev. “I wanted it to go as good as it looked,” said Shaun.

 A completely custom interior was also added to the coupe, and it’s probably one of the most unique features of the entire car – which is saying a lot when you remember that there is very little original HQ metalwork left in this thing. The bucket seats are actually plastic and they’re the only piece of the car that isn’t made from metal.