Video: Street Machine Summernats 35 day three

With tickets for Saturday sold out for the first time ever, Street Machine Summernats 35 is proving to the biggest in history

Photographers: Tim McCormack, Shaun Tanner

Friday of Street Machine Summernats 35 kicked off with a bang in the MPW Performance dyno cell. Queensland Drag Challenge Weekend racer Michael Silk made Haltech Horsepower Heroes history, running up 1056hp at the hubs to be the first-four pot to crack the 1000hp mark.

TheSR20VE-powered beast pumped 49psi and screamed to 10,350rpm!

Biggest figure of the day went to Andrew Copley’s Falcon ute ouf of the ESP Racing stables, to the tune of 1422hp at the hubs.

Millsi’s Barra-powered Bedford also performed strongly, with a best of 1207hp.

Burnout fans were treated to six blazing hours of qualifying for the Burnout Championships.

There were also some stout demo skids, including by Dwane Pallentine’s PEPER IT Torana, which resulted in a close encounter with the wall. While it looked nasty, the boys have pulled out the worst of the damage and are ready to rock once again.

Summernats 34 introduced the Fringe Festival, which sees the streets of the Braddon cafe strip shut down so that the general public can enjoy chilled-out show and shine of entrant cars.

This time the weather gods turned on the charm. The pubs and restaurants were packed out and the vibes immaculate.

Tomorrow will see more of the same, plus the notorious mullet comp, the street, elite and tuff street awards and a massive concert headlined by Bliss N Eso.

And for the first time in history, Saturday spectator tickets have sold out! There are limited number of tickets left online for Sunday, so get on it!