Jake’s Performance reigns supreme in the Horsepower Hero hall


HOME-TOWN Canberra legend Jake Edwards owned the dyno competition in 2015 by breaking the 2000hp barrier on two occasions.

With nearly 60psi being pushed through the 439-cube E85-guzzling Chevy big block the Horsepower Heroes legend threw down a 2084hp run in qualifying on Saturday before backing it up with a 2025hp run in the final.

Jake had hoped to go higher than the Saturday figure by using more RPM. The 2084hp figure was achieved with only 7800rpm, while Jake normally sees peak power at 8500rpm. However, the Jake’s Performance boss really wanted to go large with his LH Torana and was prepared to push up to 8800rpm.

The Sunday run in the Horsepower Heroes finals didn’t go exactly to plan, though. Halfway through the run the exhaust wheel of the 118mm turbocharger broke off and exited the dump pipe in spectacular fashion.

Thankfully the engine itself wasn’t hurt and Jake managed to drive the yellow sedan out of the hall, albeit a bit down on power.

It rounded out a stellar weekend for the Summernats legend. Not only did he take out the big trophies but Jake tuned the winners of the Naturally Aspirated 6 Cylinder, and Forced Induction 4 and 6 cylinder classes.

Jake tuned Scott Forrester’s turbo 2.0-litre Gemini and Tony Spasenoski’s 265-cube Valiant Charger, which made 825hp and 235hp respectively. He has also been heavily involved in getting the Aussie Attack Torana running sweetly, with the turbo three-litre Toyota 2JZ-powered LJ throwing down an epic 1322hp on the rollers on Sunday to smash the turbo six-pot record from last year.