A new breed of warriors has made it through to the Burnout Masters finals at Summernats 28


EVERYONE loves a montage, especially when it involves 29 of the toughest burnout cars in Australia, desperately fighting for a spot in the Summernats 28 Burnout Masters finals.

Andrew Lynch backed up his insane effort in the Last Chance Shootout. There was plenty of carnage in the brutally hot conditions, with James North, Steve Loader, Dom Luci and Phil Kerjean all suffering fires.

Only two previous Masters have got through to the finals – Jason Whiddett in CUTSIK and Fred Watson in FEAR.

The most heroic effort would have to be Brett Battersby, who had an appendix removed on Thursday, hit the pad for Masters Qualifying on Saturday and made it through to the finals!

The full list of finalists are:
Brett Battersby
Rick Fuller
Craig Whiddett
Andrew Lynch
Justen Brown
Warren Eustace
Fred Watson
Warren Gersekowski
Andrew Pool
Mick Cleary