Supercharged 2JZ Toyota 86 burnout car – Video

Josh Armstrong decided to go against the grain with his new burnout machine, stuffing a Toyota 86 with blown 2JZ goodness

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Tim McCormack

THERE’S no denying that the burnout scene is dominated by the bent-eight crowd, but that hasn’t stopped a few rugged individuals from making a case for six-banger warriors.

Josh Armstrong decided to do just that with his new burnout machine, opting to stand out from the crowd in more ways than one.

“Not many people have really tried to take on the V8 boys with a stout six-banger yet, so that’s what why I went with the 2J,” said Josh.

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He got his hands on a relatively straight Toyota 86 about 12 months ago that’d been given its marching orders with a statutory write-off, and got to work turning it into a burnout machine. “We cut the whole rear end out up to the original rear seats – which it still has – and replaced it with a shortened nine-inch diff and ladder bar,” he said.

Sitting in front of the Turbo 400 ’box is a non-turbo 3.0-litre 2JZ-GE mill, with a TBS 6/71 blower taking prime place on top of the intake. “We used the lower section of the standard 2JZ manifold and fitted the blower plate to that, so it works well,” said Josh.

The mill has also had all its EFI hardware done away with, replaced by a Haltech VMS to help control the LS ignition coils, using a mechanical Enderle fuel system to feed the whole deal with some juicy meth. The end result is 430hp on the hub dyno.

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Josh built the car in relative secrecy in his shed with his mates, taking it public for the first time at Street Machine Summernats 33. “The reception has been good; most people are asking lots of questions and 97 per cent of the feedback has been positive,” he said.

Josh hit the pad for the first time on Saturday at Summernats, and was mostly pleased with his new toy. “It went okay,” he said. “The car was actually low on fuel so it bogged down a few times, and it blew the blower gasket out as well, which didn’t help.

“I’m happy with the car overall,” he concluded. “I’ll fix a few little issues and then we’ll hit up a few more events during the year.”



Engine: 2JZ-GE

Blower: TBS 6/71

Ignition: Haltech VMS

Transmission: T400

Diff: 9in

Power: 430rwhp