Summernats 35 preview: Mazda RX-3 20B rotary build in two weeks!

Jay Duca has set himself an almighty challenge just weeks out from Summernats to rebuild a crusty Mazda RX-3


There’s nothing quite like a last-minute thrash to get a car ready for Street Machine Summernats, but Jay Duca of the Low Standards YouTube channel has taken that to a whole other level with his latest Summernats build.

That South Aussie is no stranger to spontaneously building whacky and out-there cars, having taken a rotary-swapped VN Commodore to Summernats 34 that we covered last year. This time he’s building another rotary machine, but unlike the VN, the starter car isn’t exactly a wall flower.

The story goes that Jay’s mate Donald from Automotive Karnage found this RX-3 out in the bush as a roller, and it certainly shows. Jay then got his hands on the car, and just weeks out from Summernats decided to perform a quick engine swap to a three rotor 20BPP he had laying around.

Jay says that engine is a Maztech piece that was actually the fastest aspo rotary in the country for quite some time. He’ll be throwing it in the RX-3 with a six-speed manual and four-linked R31 Skyline diff.

“I’m not even going to turn it into a drift car, I’m just going to make it a car,” says Jay. “I just want it running, driving and super low.”

So low in fact that he’s had to fabricate a whole new trans tunnel and tailshaft bulge in the floor to allow clearance for the box and tailshaft at his desired ride height.

He’s also ditched the original crossmember and steering box and replaced it with a rack and pinion conversion from an AE86 Corolla. Jay also grafted Nissan S13 rear strut towers into the Mazda’s boot to suit the new four link, allowing him to run S13 coilovers for maximum slammage.

This is part one of what Jay says will be a two-part build to get the crusty RX-3 to Summernats, where it’ll hopefully be joined by his rear wheel drive, 2JZ-swapped Honda Odyssey. Like we said, the mans not afraid of building out-there machines.

You can watch the build series on the Odyssey and all of Jay’s other cool cars on the Low Standard YouTube channel at this link here.