Street Machine Summernats 33 day zero – video

Check out some of the cool rides heading into Canberra for Summernats 33

Photographers: Luke Hunter, Tim McCormack

YES! The time is here – Street Machine Summernats 33 kicks off today in Canberra, Australia! Summernats is Australia’s biggest horsepower party and we’ll bring you all the action over the next four days.

Yesterday was all about scrutineering – getting the early comers in and ready to party. We chatted to just a few of them, including Mr Summernats himself, Chic Henry!

We heard about this FB Holden rat rod a couple of years ago in the Cougar Cave, with the boys frothing about it with me over a few cold ones. Turns out, it wasn’t bourbon-fed BS! We never doubted it for a minute.

And speaking of rats, this crazy Jeep had everyone’s eyes out on stilts. We’ll check it out in more detail later in the weekend.

And yep, it was a smokey old day at Canberra and as I type this at 6.00am on Thursday, it isn’t looking much better. But the boys at the BOM reckon the winds will blow most of that away before too long. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering in the fires this holiday season. Stay safe, people.