Summernats 33 – Day 3 update

A 'Nats scorcher offered up a mixed bag of goodies

Photographers: Luke Hunter, Tim McCormack, Michelle Porobic, Shaun Tanner

CANBERRA’S hottest day on record played host to a huge day of burnouts, show cars, and cruising – plus a few wildcards.

Proceedings on the MPW Performance dyno cell continued for Street Machine Summernats 33, with plenty of cars putting down big numbers. Benny’s legendary Cresta was a notable contender, finding over 1200hp at the hubs. Of course, our own junkers got a go as well.

Round two of the Burnout Championship eliminations occupied the pad through the morning. With air temperature approaching 44 degrees, the mercury soared to a brutal 65 degrees on the burnout pad.

A 30-strong cohort of Australia’s best burnout cars was then cut down to 10 during Burnout Masters qualifying, with finalists preparing to battle it out for the title this afternoon.

If Cleetus McFarland, John Bowe, and Shannon Noll are your favourite people, the lawnmower race was the place to be. A motley crew of celebrities (plus Bubba) duked it out in a no-holds-barred, dirt-track shootout.

What is arguably Australia’s greatest collection of mullets assembled for the annual contest on Saturday afternoon. Nollsy awarded one VB-themed punter with the Grand Mullet Champion belt.

Wild and wacky machines hit the main oval for the evening’s Supercruise, wrapping up the day with a chilled-out display.

Check out the video for all the action, and don’t forget there’s another full day of Summernats 33 to go!

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