Jake Myers wins Burnout Masters at Summernats 35

Jake Myers claims his second Burnout Masters title in the newly retro Myers Mustang



Jake Myers has claimed his second Burnout Masters title today in the newly retro Myers Mustang. Rick Fuller (winner of both Masters and Championship at ‘Nats 33) came second in his new ride FULLONX, ahead of Michael Pratten in SPASTIC.

“I’m so stoked! Thanks to Mum, Dad, Amy and everyone who helped get the car ready for Summernats,” said Jake.

“The next step is to get it registered again and take it to the Narrandera Rod Run, 6-9 April.

“In terms of competing, we’ll be at Brashernats on the June long weekend. Then we’ll get a full exhaust system made up for it so we can take it to the Bright Rod Run, cruise around and enjoy it. And that will give us time to concentrate on my new build. Hopefully that will be ready for Summernats 36, but if not, the year after.”

Summernats 35 was a big event for the Myers clan. Not only did they debut the Mustang’s old-school look, but Jake’s dad Gary was inducted into the John Peterson Burnout Hall of Fame, kicking off the event with an impressive skid prior to the start of the Last Chance Wildcard Shootout.

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Few cars on the Aussie street machine scene as as iconic as Gary Myers’s 1966 Mustang. The car has been a Street Machine Summernats favourite since day one and propelled Gary to four Summernats Burnout Champion titles and two Burnout Masters wins.

And that’s not to mention several go-to-whoa victories, a 170mph run on Lake Gairdner, the Ultimate Burnout Challenge in 2011 and the small matter of Street Machine of the Year in 2001.

In 2013, Gary handed the keys to the Mustang over to his son Jake, who gave it a new identity as S1CKO and nabbed his own Burnout Masters crown at Summernats 32.

The Muzzy has constantly evolved over the last 35 years and now the car is going back to the future for Summernats 35. This time, Gary will be back behind the wheel and the car will once more be dubbed GM176.

The look harks back to when the car first earned its notoriety, including five-slotter rims, the original wheelie bars and basic black paint.

The plan is to compete in the car in this form for a couple of years, then return it to street duty permanently.

Gary will kick off the Last Chance Wildcard burnout comp on Thursday. Don’t miss it!