Farmtruck and Azn have fixed their new burnout car after yesterday's stack and hit the burnout pad again today!

Videographers: Peter Flint

IN CASE you missed it, Farmtruck and Azn from the hit Discovery TV show Street Outlaws are in Australia as special guests at Street Machine Summernats 31. Last year the boys came down under and caught the burnout bug, this year they’re back and with a skid rig of their own.

Built by the boys and girls from the Canberra Institute of Technology, the orange Chevy pick-up is a spitting image of the one from the TV show but it’s been built to shred tyres rather than smash Lambos in a straight line. Under the bonnet is a Magnuson blown LS3 making around 500rwhp, so it’s got plenty of grunt to get the job done.

The boys hit the burnout pad for the very first time yesterday and well, things didn’t go to plan. Unfortunately Farmtruck nosed it into the wall on the first tip in, but kept on going and ended up giving it a second whack but even harder. By the time they called it quits the Farmtruck was banged up in a bad way and left on the back of a tow truck.

From Summernats they went straight to CIT where the panels were beaten straight-ish and the power steering system and wiring was checked over. It was back and ready for action once again today. This time Farmtruck crept it into the pad and kept the Chevy off the walls. A wiring issue put an early end to the fun and the car had to be towed off the pad. We expect Farmtruck will be back in action tomorrow.