Future burnout records iced as Guinness pulls sanction

Emissions fears may put an end to a modern Summernats classic


Guinness World Records has nixed future attempts to break the ‘world’s biggest burnout’ record, citing environmental concerns.

In a letter sent to the American organisers of the most recent record attempt, the officiators said that the ‘largest simultaneous car tyre burnout’ record was officially ‘rested’ on 2 October.

Guinness argued that they will no longer monitor the record as it “encourages the emission of damaging gases in a in a bigger proportion as the record is broken.”

With future record-breaking mass burnout efforts to go unrecognized, Street Machine Summernats will likely retain their official title for the forseeable future. Set in January 2019, 126 cars participated to break the previous, Saudi Arabian-held record.

Organiser Andy Lopez says he is disappointed with the move. “It’s somewhat bittersweet for us – the record’s ours now, but it’s really not the way we wanted to keep it.”

“The decision is a little bit too ‘woke’ for me.”

“When we first broke the record in 2013, we wanted to spark a chain of attempts with like-minded lunatics around the world.”

The event again broke records in 2015, when 103 drivers lit up their tyres.

“The adjudicators said it was the most exciting thing they’d ever seen,” says Andy.

The ‘Nats aren’t finished with world record attempts yet. Andy says they’ve got other big plans for a future event, though he remains tight-lipped on specifics.

“We’ve got one in the works for Street Machine Summernats 34 that’s never been set before, so stay tuned!”