South Coast 5K Burnouts christens new Portland pad

Portland goes off with Victoria’s first post-lockdown skid comp!

Photographers: Bright Design

MONTHS of pent-up frustrations from COVID-induced lockdowns were unleashed at South Coast Raceway on December 12 at the first burnout competition held in Victoria since restrictions eased in the state.

“I was chuffed at how many big names of the sport came out,” said Brad Frost, event director for the South Coast 5K comp. “We had 70 entrants and 67 fronted up, with three classes, and it was a pretty even playing field right across the board.”

South Coast Raceway’s updated skid pad got its cherry popped with the likes of Clint Ogilvie, Rick Fuller and Steve Edsall bringing their wild blown rigs down to compete.

“Previously the pad was 27x30m with a 20-metre-long, six-metre-wide entry,” said Brad. “It had been a few years since we did upgrades so we added 15 metres to the pad to make it 27x45m, installed concrete and Armco barriers, new sign boards, and made the entry seven metres wide to make it easier to turn cars around in it.

“All the members of South Coast Raceway pitched in to help get it finished and in mid November we decided to hold the event. Organisation is the easy bit; getting the permits was much harder. Scotty Cleary, another committee member, did the majority of the Covid permits we needed, with help from the offices of our local members Roma Britnell and Dan Tehan.”

The first to lay a set on the pad was Dean Cruddas in his SENDIT VX Commodore, with Adam Lovell riding shotgun after winning the seat in a charity auction held during the driver’s briefing. “We raised $400 to go towards United Way, a local charity,” explained Brad.

Clint Ogilvie came out to throw a huge skid and went up in flames twice, while Steve Edsall’s blown 366ci Falcon SKDUTE couldn’t be stopped on the day. The BNR-prepared ute took the win in the Elite Class, leading home Matt Addinsall’s BLWNVL Commodore, Tim Brown’s CEMBLO VK and Andrew Kerr’s SYKOR8 Commodore.

Tim McEwan’s HQ was going off until a set of sheared wheel nuts on the diff put an early end to his skid, though he did pick up the Hard Luck Award. “He got a pair of tyres and a case of beer, so that helped,” laughed Brad.

After pumping the wall in his blown V6 VY Commodore, Ben Rabl walked away with the Carnage award, while Rev King was won by James McGregor in his EX5LTR VN Commodore.

“We’re trying to grow the club, but also get a lot of the younger people in the area to come out and have fun in a safe environment instead of doing on the local streets,” Brad said. “When you put it like that you get a lot of support, and I have to thank the sponsors: Cleary’s Power Equipment, Portland Mechanical Services, Wurth Australia, Burson Auto Parts Warrnambool, Autopro Hamilton, R&J Batteries Ballarat, BJM Panels, Pinewood Caravan Park, Hex Screens & Service, Henty Tyre Service, Portland Exhaust & 4×4, Portland Lions Club, and all the South Coast Raceway members and volunteers.”

Photos: Bright Designs



Elite: Steve Edsall – SKDUTE, XC Falcon
Street: Craig Paxton – FIVE7, VU Commodore
Six-Cylinder: Barry Perkins – GEMSTA, Holden Gemini
Hard Luck Award: Tim McEwan – TUFNAQ, HQ Holden
Carnage Award: Ben Rabl – RUBR2FRY, VY Commodore
Rev King: James McGregor – EX5LITRE VN Commodore
Tip-in: Nash Pasquazzi – SENDIT HG Kingswood