Video: Widebody HQ Monaro versus pro touring Mk1 Escort

Part three of our Street Machine of the Year series features another pair of serious contenders


In our first two Milwaukee Street Machine of the Year 2021 Zoom chats, we caught up with Chad Ribbons and Louis Younis, followed by Daniel Wickman and Danny Probert.

This time around, we’re speaking to the guys behind a couple of beautiful two-doors.

First up is Peter Sharp’s stunning SHQRP HQ Monaro. It’s the product of a massive eight-year build at Taree’s Down Town Kustoms, helmed by Graeme Brewer.

An incredible amount of work went into transforming the Quey’s body, which Peter describes as “tubbing on the outside”. While the side profile retains classic Monaro lines, it’s a radically different car from the front and rear.

Nestled within the ultra-smooth, symmetrical engine bay is an iron-block LSX, backed by a tough 4L60E so both Peter and his wife can just hop in and go.

The inside is all VZ Commodore gear, integrated beautifully by DTK.

Driveability and practicality were key to Peter’s build philosophy. Everything underneath the car is custom, and there’s soundproofing galore. The boot was even enlarged to haul luggage on long trips, and Peter’s now going as far as fitting up a bull-bar!

John Dennis took a very different approach with his Mk1 Escort. He’s a sucker for factory metal, so instead of bolting up big flares, he moved all the action inboard. His Esky is no less tough for it, packing a staunch FJ20 and no-nonsense, race-inspired interior.

It’s a shamelessly loud “miniature pro tourer”, and John needs little provocation to drive the car hard. It sees regular street duties too, including plenty of school pick-up runs.

As Broads points out, simply earning a feature in Street Machine is an accolade in itself for a four-pot car – let alone being chosen as a SMOTY finalist.