Video: Pro touring XM versus drift XD Falcon

A couple of killer Falcons feature in our next round of chats with the 2021 Milwaukee Street Machine of the Year contenders


WE’RE knee-deep in Milwaukee Street Machine of the Year 2021 proceedings, with a field of 16 incredible cars vying for the big prize.

Earlier in the week, editor Broads and expert scribbler Marv had a Zoom chat with contenders Chad Ribbons and Louis Younis, the blokes behind a gorgeous slammed HD ute and wild pro street Torana respectively.

For part two of the series, we’ve got a couple of Barra-powered Falcon sedans that could hardly be more different.

Built by Image Conversions, Daniel Wickman’s XM is an elite-level machine, but that doesn’t stop him from hitting the street whenever he can. “The only time it’ll go on a trailer is if it’s clean and it needs to stay that way,” he laughs.

“It’s a great cruising car, but if you get under and make a few adjustments, you can go and do a track day.”

Motivation comes from a 1000hp Barra, while the whole undercarriage was comprehensively re-engineered to make it steer and stop as it should. There’s a heap of chassis reinforcement, a custom front end with rack-and-pinion power steering, a three-link rear, QA1 coil-overs and huge six-pot Brembos.

The body is no less stunning, with shaved mouldings, tucked bars and even custom glass.

It’s still family-friendly, with room inside for six.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got Danny Probert’s XD drifter. It may stand out like a dog’s proverbials in a field of Nissan S-chassis missiles, but the big Falcon gets sent hard on the circuit.

“In the drifting world, we’re a square peg in a round hole, and with Street Machine we’re the same deal – we’re a little bit different!” Danny says.

There’s not much XD geometry left underneath, with S14 gear filling out the front end. The limiter-smashing Barra makes 600hp, packed with real-deal F6 internals.

Of course, there’s also that unmissable Greens’-Tuf-style fibreglass bodykit for style points.

Check out the video to hear from both contenders.