The Japanese cars of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year 2023

We take a look at some of the Japanese cars entered into Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year for 2023


There’s less than a week to run for opening submissions for our second Milwaukee Tools Young Street Machine of the Year, where car nuts under the age of 24 enter their machines for a shot at $2500 cash and a full feature in Street Machine.

Entries are welcome from all brands and styles of cars, and this time we’re turning our focus onto the cool Japanese car entries we’ve received so far.

If you fancy yourself a chance, you have until this Sunday, April 30 to get your entry in, which you can do via this link.

Aaron Ritchie – Nissan Silvia S15

“I bought my S15 over four years ago now at the age of 17 (I’m now 22). When I bought it, it was completely stock, and from there I began modifying it extensively. I have tried to do as much as I could myself as I don’t have the biggest budget, as I was an apprentice for the majority of the build. It now has an RB26 out of a Skyline R33 GT-R in place of the old SR20. The RB is forged, which I built myself and learnt a lot during the process. It has a CD009 manual gearbox from a 350Z, custom tailshaft and air suspension. Finishing it off are one of my favourite body and lip kits, the 326 Power 3D Star, with Blitz 03 wheels.” Instagram @aron_ritchie

Connor Whitehouse – Nissan Skyline R33

“This is my Nissan Skyline R33 drag/street car. I’ve had it since I was 15 and learnt to drive in it, and over the years I’ve built it into an eight-second, 160-plus mph street car. It’s got an RB26/30 engine, Powerglide, 80mm turbo, Haltech ECU and is IHRA teched. It’s special to me as I’ve turned every single nut and bolt on the car myself, and it has been my passion since I got it in 2014.” Instagram @_connorwhitehouse

James Gazeas – 1976 Toyota Celica

“This is my 1976 RA23 Toyota Celica, which is my pro street version of a Celica. It’s got a stroked 377ci Cleveland V8, with cast 2V heads ported by Frank Marchese at Dandy Engines. The engine also features screw-in studs, guide plates and roller rockers. It has a crank offset ground to suit six-inch Chevy rods and pistons. The cam is a big solid one, and it should produce about 450-500hp aspirated, and then it’ll have a 300 shot of nitrous on top. The rest of the driveline uses a two-speed transbraked Powerglide built by my grandfather Phil Soderstrom, with a 4500rpm converter. It’s got a nine-inch Strange diff, with 31-spline axles and 4.11:1 diff gears. The car has been tubbed and ‘caged by Sean Mullins.” Instagram @Edge_automotive

Josh Zirbel – Toyota Crown

“This is my 1968 Toyota Crown custom wagon. This thing travelled from Singapore back in its heyday, then jumped around between two owners. It’s been engine swapped to a Holden Red 202 with a Trimatic column-shift auto. This car had sat for six years before it came to me, when we did some cosmetic work and got the engine running again. My favourite part of the car is that it’s an eight seater, with two bench seats and a sideways seat in the back. That makes it a blast when I pull up to a car meet with all my mates or my family in the one car. This unique piece of work brings smiles to the faces of everyone it passes.” Instagram @J_zirbel

Kyle Mulrine – Mazda MX-5

“This is my turbocharged, widebody NA Mazda MX-5. I’ve customised just about everything on the car, and it sits on a set of 15×10 -65 Work Equip wheels. It also has a customised fastback roof. You can see more about the build on my Instagram, @builtbykyle.”

Nathan Clark – Nissan GQ Patrol

“It’s a 1997 Nissan GQ Patrol, which started life as a TB42 that lacked power. I decided to build a forged LS with a power-adder, so now it has a 5.7-litre LS with forged rods and pistons, Higgins CNC heads and a GTX45 80mm turbo. It uses a Turbosmart 60mm wastegate, a 3.5in turbo-back exhaust, and an Xtreme twin plate clutch.” Instagram @Patrol_Syndicate

Matthew Steinbergs – 1982 Datsun Bluebird

“This ‘82 Datsun Bluebird is a ‘Venturer’ special edition and is complete with dealer equipped Esky, medical kit and other accessories including ice-cold air conditioning. I have converted it from automatic to five-speed manual and upgraded it to Bluebird TRX rear disc brakes and larger diff. I built the motor with a high-compression ported cylinder head and twin carburettors from a 180B SS. I’ve also fitted an R31 front swaybar and vented front brakes. I’ve driven this car on many trips, and have used it almost daily and also take it to the occasional hillclimb and motorkhana event.” Instagram @matsun_180b

Sarah Vidic – 1999 Subaru Impreza GC8 WRX

“I’m 24 years old, and my pride and joy is this 1999 Subaru Impreza GC8 WRX! I have transformed ‘SEZWRX’ from what used to be a stock blue WRX to the beauty she is today. Some of the modifications include a VF34 turbo, front mount intercooler, 22B spoiler, BBS LS 18in wheels and some coilovers. She is well known around the Melbourne car scene from attending meets and cruises every weekend.” Instagram @sez_wrx, TikTok- @sezwrx

Talis Rosochacki – Nissan Skyline R31 wagon

“This is my 1988 R31 Nissan Skyline R31 wagon that I’ve been dailying for the last three years, and now the car is set up for drifting. It has undergone a full respray in Toyota Silver Sky 1G6 paint with DNA Paints metal flake. When we did that we also gave it a 25mm widebody using a set of quarters I cut off an R31 sedan. We also shaved a fair bit off during the process like the side indicators. The entire body work and paint was done in a month, in-between 70-hour work weeks, with the help of a good mate. Neither of us had ever even smelled a tin of bog or pulled the trigger on a spray gun prior.” Instagram @spooling_wagons

As mentioned earlier, entries are still open, but be quick, they close this Sunday, April 30! Click here to enter, and don’t forget to use the #ysmoty tag on your socials.