Video: WOG007 Ford Cortina versus EH Holden panel van

The legendary WOG007 Moits Cortina takes on Graham Miller’s EH panel van in this new episode of our 2021 Street Machine of the Year contenders video series


In this latest instalment of our 2021 Milwaukee Street Machine of the Year video series, SM editor Andrew Broadley and wordsmith Iain ‘Marv’ Kelly sit down to chat to the owners of the famous WOG007 Cortina and a stunning EH Holden panel van.

Throwing the revitalised WOG007 Cortina on the cover of our 2020 Yearbook issue was a big highlight from a tough year, as it’s a car that’s been stuck in the minds of street machiners since it first began popping wheelies at the Oran Park drags in the early 1980s.

The car also marks the genesis of the Moits racing team, with Michael Moit having continually refined the Corty over time. This latest iteration still features an old-school Ford V8 just like it did in the early 80s, only now it’s hiding a pair of hairdryers that force-feed the Windsor to the tune of a lazy 850rwhp on 10psi – with the scope for a heap more.

“This is the engine we ran back in the 80s,” Michael says. “The plan is to run-in the new turbo set-up and address any issues we may encounter. Once we’re happy, we will pull the motor out and build something more serious.”

Exterior-wise, the car has remained largely the same as when it first hit the scene in the 80s in the Moits orange, so for its latest renovation the decision was made to run 18-inch B45s as tributes to the original spinners it sported, swelling up to 18×10.5 with a 12-inch-wide tyre under the rear tubs.

Our other contestant this episode is Graham Miller’s stunning EH panel van. The van is only the tip of Graham’s EH iceberg, with his collection also including his blown EHMAD sedan, which took home the Grand Champion top gong at Red CentreNATS #06.

With a Grand Champ-winning car already in his stable, it was little surprise to us that the quality of his windowless EH panel van build was world class when he unveiled it at Rockynats earlier this year.

Sitting underneath the beautiful Borla stack injection is a 383ci Blueprint small-block Chev, backed by a manualised Turbo 350 ’box. The underside is just as lickable as the exterior, and it takes more than a quick glance to really drink in all the detail and effort that has gone into this build.