Toyota Supra RZ-S in Milwaukee Young SMOTY

Nic Haggett's Mk4 Supra is a 1200rwhp, 2JZ-powered JDM dream machine


Nic Haggett’s Toyota Supra RZ-S Mk4 Supra is a Japanese hero cars that’s made it into the top 16 finalists for our 2023 Milwaukee Tools Young Street Machine of the Year, which you can vote for right now to potentially win $2500 cash!

As you can read below, the build of Nic’s Supra has been a true labour of love:

“I’m a 23 year old lift technician from Brisbane, QLD. My passion for cars was inherited from a very young age, playing with Hot Wheels along with being around cars and bikes my entire life.I also got into Go Karting from the age of eight, with my old man as my mechanic and mentor. This sparked my love for speed and the adrenaline fix that comes with it, which cemented me as a true rev head.

My entry for the 2023 YSMOTY is my 1996 Toyota Supra. My love for Supras was sparked around the age of nine years old when I was riding shotgun in one a family friend had, and after that I just knew I had to have one! I saved every penny I had, before buying my first five-speed manual Supra for $5000, which I learned to drive in. Watching YouTube videos late at night of Supra’s from Texas streets and events such as the likes of TX2K, this inspired me to build one mental Supra, which is my RZ-S Supra I have now.

The car had been fully built at home, and sports a strengthened 3.0-litre 2JZ, with top shelf parts riddled throughout, all sourced from Golebys Parts. Strapped to the hot side sits a 8385 Precision Turbo, on-top of a 6 Boost exhaust manifold.

The cold side uses a Plazmaman intercooler and plenum. I am super OCD when it comes to cleanliness, so we shaved the engine bay, with a full wire tuck using a Haltech harness I customised myself to suit the neat look while still keeping it working for the 2500 Elite ECU. The combo has made a best of 1266rwhp. The car did have a Samsonas sequential in it at first, but now it has a 2000hp-rated Powerglide.

Because I wanted to take the thing drag racing, the car was fitted with a six-point cage and parachute setup, all of which was fabricated and installed at home. Due to modifying the dash and other interior pieces to fit the cage, I opted to tidy up the interior. I did that by re-trimming the whole lot in nice alcantara, and chucked in a pair of Recaros.

This car holds a big place in my heart and has an incredible amount of sentimental value, as 90 per cent of the work – including the majority of fabrication – was carried out by myself and my old man in our back shed. Working alongside him has been a massive learning curve and an incredible bonding experience for us both.

Future plans for the Supra include being fully signed off for IHRA Tech, licensing and sooner aim for that eight-second pass, with aspirations of someday pushing the title of a seven-second streeter!”

Now, check out the rest of the contenders below and cast your vote for the chance to win $2500!