1962 Ford Anglia in Milwaukee Young SMOTY

Crystelle Xuereb's racer-inspired Anglia is a cool family tribute


Small Fords have proven mega-popular in this year’s YSMOTY list, proving they’re still attainable to the next generation of Aussie car nuts. Crystelle’s Anglia channels classic race looks with some cool power on the way:

“My name is Crystelle Xuereb and I am from Western Sydney. I am 16, turning 17 in a couple of weeks, and I have owned this 1962 105E Anglia since I was 14 years old.

I’ve been around cars my whole life and loved them ever since I can remember. Some of my first words were Ford, Chevy, and Holden.

My parents owned a wedding car business with 50s classic and muscle cars for 25 years, so I grew up around cars, whether it was helping my dad clean them or work on them, a Saturday night cruise, a car meet, the drags, rockabilly festivals or cars and coffee on a Sunday morning. Most of our family and friends all have cool cars so we are around it all the time.

I originally wanted a Mk2 GT Cortina like my mum used to have, but once I saw the Anglia, I fell in love with it. My grandfather and his brother both owned 105E Anglias, which they used to race at Oran Park Raceway in the early 70s. That was a big inspiration for me to try and pay tribute to, with ‘My Little Girl’. My dad has a 1964 Galaxie done up with all the nostalgic drag stickers, which was another big inspiration to do mine up the same.

I came up with the design for the stickers and got them made at Killer Image. Coincidentally, I ended up getting a job there as a production assistant; now I do all the production side of vehicle wraps.

For now, my sister and I take the car out as much as we can to any car meets in Western Sydney.

It’s currently got a stock 1100cc engine, but I’m building a 1600cc out of a Mk.2 GT Cortina. I’ll also be putting in a five-speed Celica gearbox and Mk.2 Cortina brakes.

The new motor, gearbox and diff are in the process of getting built at Mansweto Race Engines by my uncle Jason Mansweto. The best part about that is he allows me to get my hands dirty on the tools and teaches me things as we go. Once we finish it I plan on taking it to Sydney Dragway on a Wednesday night and sending her down the ’strip every now and then.

Growing up as a kid reading Street Machine, I have grown a passion towards your mag and it has been a big dream of mine to get my car featured one day.

I can’t wait till it’s all finished so I can cruise around in my tuff little ‘Kranky Angi’ with my family and friends with all their tough cars!”

Instagram @crystellesgarage

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