XC Falcon in Milwaukee Young SMOTY

Bailey Walters's YSMOTY-finalist XC is one killer family project


Packing a classic tried-and-true driveline and immaculate paintwork, Bailey Walters has a pretty shmick ride for 23-year-old! Bailey’s got the full story below; check out voting details at the bottom:

“From shell to showroom-ready, this is my beloved 1978 Ford Falcon XC GS with complete matching numbers drivetrain. Over the past eight years, me, Dad and his best mate have built this car from the ground up. There is not a bolt unturned! It’s running a 351 Cleveland with a nine-inch rear end.

I live in Maryborough, QLD, engaged to my beautiful fiancé Kaitlyn and work in the family business. The love of old cars all started back when my dad was given as a wedding present in 1994 – an original 1971 XY Ford Falcon. This soon became his obsession, which I then got from him – so yep, it’s Dad’s fault!

His mate had a rolling XC shell with a motor and interior for sale, so off we headed for a look. Dad said the deal was I had to sell my motorbike to put towards the car. Done deal.

The car sat for a while untouched, but around five years ago we thought it was time to make a start. Bring in Dad’s best mate, Terry, who is not only the best mechanic around but a legend as well. Terry was there from start to finish through the late nights and weekends in the shed.

Everything has been rebuilt by us, including the complete driveline, start to finish. That includes the electrical system, Bosch electronic ignition, four-barrel Holley 650 carb, small cam, higher-stall torque converter, drilled and slotted brake rotors, and extractors with a full stainless exhaust to finish off the sound of the car.

It’s on custom Pedders suspension all-’round and has a full black leather interior. All the parts were built in-house; the only outsourced thing was getting the body spray painted and the upholstery done.

Now that we have it on the road, there is nothing better than going for a cruise with Dad and the local club. I love driving and showing this old girl off. She is one beaut’ of a car!

A massive thanks to everyone for getting this old girl on the road, especially to Terry. This would not have happened without you, Samson, Brody and everyone else that has put their own expertise on it.

And Dad, all those years of reading Street Machine has certainly paid off – you’re the best.

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