All Ford Day 2019 – Gallery

A plethora of eye-catching rides from the 2019 All Ford Day in Geelong

Photographers: Shaun Tanner

SUNNY February is a beaut time of year for just about anybody, but if you’re a Ford fan it’s especially good, as it sees the running of the annual All Ford Day in Geelong, with 2019 marking the 28th consecutive year for the event. It’s a celebration of all things Ford both old and new, whether it’s classic Aussie iron, an offering from the Yanks, or even some quirky European flavour. Below is a just a taste of some of the killer cars that made the trek out for the day, but we’ve got a mega-gallery as well so you can check out more of the cool stuff from the show. Enjoy!

 Alex Moshopoulos had his seriously cool 1300hp XY Falcon out for a run. A street car than runs in the mid-eights down the track, Alex’s Falcon proves that serious speed and having a fun weekender don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

 Les Woolridge’s XL panel van looks like a stocker from the outside, but with 350hp of 302 Windsor hiding under the bonnet, it’s certainly no slouch.

 Gasser king Damien Kemp made sure his Mercury coupe was in fine form at this year’s show.

 Mat Salvador’s sweet XM Falcon was actually his first car (SM, Nov ’18). Rest assured those meaty rear tyres are needed with 408ci of Ford Windsor under the right hoof.

 John Kerr had his crossbred Mercury Comet/Ford Ranchero ute on display, being freighted around on the back of this long-wheelbase F700.

 Street Machine scribbler Craig Parker made the trip to Geelong in his bitchin’ Fairlane coupe.

 Vince Riccotti’s WILDTC Cortina recently got a fresh AU motor and made close to 950hp at the wheels on the dyno!

Vince Mortale is a regular at Geelong’s All Ford Day with his beautiful ’67 XR Fairmont V8.

 And lastly we have this killer XE Falcon. We don’t know much about it (other than that we’re already falling in love with it), so if you know more about this car, make sure you drop us a line!