Red CentreNats 2022 Burnout Masters

Rob Cottrell claims the 2022 Red CentreNATS Burnout Masters title

Photographers: Ash Wilson, Shawn McCann

The Red CentreNATS burnout competitions have been run and won for another year.

Robert Cottrell topped the charts in the XD Falcon dubbed 4DH8RS. Rob now has two cars in the running for Street Machine Summernats 35 Burnout Masters glory, having scored a ticket in FATTONY by winning the N/A class at Summernats Slam earlier this year.

Also headed to the Nats Burnout Masters competition is Ryan Pearson in HOLDON:

And Rick Fuller in the aptly-named FULLONX:

The top three in the Championship were Aiden Leist in the JOYRDE VK, Rick Davis in the 4PLAY ute and Greg ‘Dutchy’ Holland.

While Peter Grmusa‘s Falcon didn’t place, it put on one hell of a show:

Stay tuned for more Red CentreNATS results!