Muscle car and survivor gallery Red CentreNATS 2018

We check out some of the old-school cool at Red CentreNats 4

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs

ONE of our favourite things about Red CentreNATS are the awesome old-school cars that come out of the woodwork for the event. Stock or hot, there is something for everyone!

You can’t go wrong with a red XB Falcon coupe, complete with matching B45 Simmons rims – and plenty of sidewall rubber.

We’re not sure if this HQ Statesman is an older or more-recent built, but the combination of a striking colour and fat Simmons are a killer combination.

This XA GT is the business. It sounded fantastic at the drags and put on a great show in the motorkhana.

 Cars like this HK Premier are everywhere in the NT. Jellybean, Hotwires and twelve-slotters never went out of style up here!

How many young police recruits joined the force in the hope of getting behind the wheel of one of these?