Mad Max-style Peugeot saloon at Red CentreNATS

Aaron Clark transforms an unsuspecting ’55 Peugeot into a post-apocalyptic weapon

Photographers: Ashleigh Wilson

EVENTS like Red CentreNATS often bring cool and wacky project cars out of the woodwork, but few are as wild and eye-catching as Aaron Clark’s Mad Max-inspired 1955 Peugeot saloon.

Aaron and his mates pulled old Frenchie out of a creek just north of Alice Springs several years ago, and it was originally intended to just be a piece of garden art – but plans quickly changed. “I really wanted to build it and really Mad Max it; I wanted the big wheels and [for it to be] lifted,” says Aaron.

With that in mind, Aaron spent four or five years creating his mad machine, dropping the body onto a chassis from a Holden Rodeo. “It was a bit of a struggle to find a chassis that fit because of how short the Peugeot is,” he says.

For grunt, Aaron fitted a Holden 5.0-litre bent-eight and Turbo 700 ’box, with the intention of hitting the burnout comp with the car at this year’s Red CentreNATS. Sadly, the skids may have to wait a bit. “We only finished it last night and we were busy ironing out a few bugs, so I think we’ll only be doing the show ’n’ shine this year,” he concedes. “But people should still get a good kick out of seeing it.”

That they certainly should. Aaron has spent countless hours adding enough exterior touches to the Pug to make us want to get a tetanus shot just from looking at it – which is exactly as it should be.