Red CentreNATS 2022 – Saturday

Tyre-frying, engine-popping action from Red CentreNATS 2022

Photographers: Ash Wilson, Shawn McCann, Lisa Hatz, Oliver Eclipse

Saturday is always absolutely massive at Red CentreNATS, with the iconic Street Parade, driving events galore, a huge show ‘n’ shine, hours of burnouts and even a wedding! Here are some of the highlights:

Canberra’s Bonnie Barber and Joel Sykes tied the knot at Blatherskite Park. This was supposed to happen last year, but COVID restrictions meant the couple had to wait until now!

The ceremony was followed by a photoshoot with Joel’s own stunning Holdens – the tyre-frying LETSGO and the reiging Street Machine Summernats Tuff Street Champ, SINNER.

The reception will be held tonight at the Podium Party.

Guy Clare entrusted this brother Gerry with his blown, Barra-powered EL Falcon to take it across the country from NSW to Alice Springs. Gerry has indulged in the full gammut of Red CentreNATS activities, including running a 11.380-second pass at the drags (on 20in tyres!), the Maccas Run and the Street Parade. All topped off with a spot in the Burnout Masters. Epic!

That man Andrew Lynch in LYNCHY did what he does best, tipping in hot, usinng whole pad and giving the wall a little kiss.

Matt Addinsall got a wee bit hot in BLWNVL!

Many-time RCN winner Wal Gereskowski smoked out the joint almost instantanously and was down to rims in no time flat.

Steve Loader in UCSMOKE delivered perfection, until the BBC went rods out. One lucky fire marshall scored a piece of smouldering conrod as a momento.

After a massive effort to re-power his Corolla after Gazzanats, Matt Watts caught fire, had the fire put out, went back for more and did a fuel line.

Ryan Lofts made it into the field from the championship ranks and put on a top quality skid. He give some of the bigger names a run for their money.

Red CentreNATS burnout masters 2022:

  • Wal Gersekowski – 1TUFHG
  • Peter Grmusa – ATRISK
  • David Cufone – NOVAKILL
  • Robert Cottrell – 4DH8RS
  • Rick Fuller – FULLONX
  • Jono Kelly – 3FIVE5
  • Steven Cliff – WRANGA
  • Ryan Pearson – HOLDON
  • Andrew Lynch – LYNCHY
  • Billy Seton – ONTICK
  • Frank Paesel – RUB1OUT
  • Brody Diwell – OVRDNE
  • Todd Stewart – UNFAZD
  • Gerry Clare – TUFF4L
  • Harry Seaman – HAZARD
  • Adam Howell – HOWLEY
  • Rebecca Harris – VSAUCY
  • Jack Seaman – LOOSEQ
  • Ryan Lofts – ORWHAT
  • Ryan Smith – INSINR8
  • Christopher Smallmon – BLWNVY
  • Gilbert Kassebaum – RUF008

Sunday is also a biggie, with more drag racing and motorkhana action, the Grand Champion driving events, Mulletfest and the never-to-be-missed podium party.