Powercruise 76 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Some of the action from Powercruise 76 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Photographers: Tim McCormack

LAST weekend, Powercruise took over Sydney Motorsports park for one epic day of skids. Powercruise Sydney is one of the biggest events on the calendar for the New South Wales modified car scene because it has it all – burnouts, drifting, track cruising, power skids and drag racing all rolled into action-packed day out at Sydney Motorsports Park. It takes all kinds too, you’ll find everything from tough street cars to late-model exotics, JDM royalty and of course the dedicated big bad burnout beasts. Such is the popularity of Powercruise, people even build cars just for the event. It’s all about having fun in what ever you’ve brung and letting loose.

 Unfortunately I wasn’t able to personally go and spectate or participate in the madness that was Powercruise Sydney this year, and the tsunami of content being posted to social media during the event only made me want to be there even more. Here are some of my favourite clips that I came across from the event.

Mark Schwarz’s HQ Monaro HANFUL is a Powercruise regular and it’s easy to see why. Mark can bloody steer and his blown big-block powered Quey loves to shred tyres all day – just don’t ask what the fuel and tyre bill is at the end of the event.

Josh Galgaro’s twin-turbo seven-second HSV Grange doubles as a pretty good powerskid car when he’s not racing at the track! 1500hp worth of twin-turbo 427ci LSX will do that.

We recently featured John Saad’s impossibly cool blown 1969 Ford Capri. It’s a car which has been built to an extremely high standard so it’s awesome to see him out there driving the wheels off the thing and giving it hell!

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Danny Younis is another Powercruise regular with his FUK YEA Capri which had a colour change to satin black just before the event. Danny loves to push the limits and have a go at some drifting in his little short wheelbase blown Capri which is what Powercruise is all about.

It wasn’t just all drifting and burnouts at Powercruise Sydney either, they also did some no prep grudge-style drag races on the front straight at Sydney Motorsports Park. Check out how hard Mark Mctiernan’s blown PRO LC hooks up!