Check out the mind-blowing paint and trim on these mental Japanese lowriders!

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

FOR whatever reason, American lowrider culture really resonates with some in the Japanese car scene. And, as is typical, when the Japanese set out to build a car in a particular style, they do it right or they don’t do it at all! Check ’em out:

Mooneyes -658_5CT9812Hisashi Ushida’s famous ’54 Chev, dubbed Sphinx.

Mooneyes -658_5CT9853The Lady Kill Chev Monte Carlo owned by Kenji of the Primera club.

Mooneyes -658_5CT0558Tetsuo Ikegaya’s ’54 Chev Handyman wagon had us drooling.

Mooneyes -658_5CT0498Shun’s ’74 Chev Monte Carlo is another mind-blowing Primera car and is appropriately dubbed ‘Madness’.

Mooneyes -658_5CT0547The Cal Trend ’56 Chev delivery had very impressive paint, alternating between super-thick and super-fine metalflake.

Mooneyes -658_5CT9877This Mercury Cougar XR7, dubbed ‘Endless’, was a jewel on the Rulez CC stand.