Lloyds July – Ford XC Cobra, T-bucket, HK GTS 327, A9X hatch and much more!

A killer range of classic and muscle cars is going under the hammer


FOR those keen on any of the 80-odd rides being offered as part of the Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers July Classic, Muscle & Barn Finds Auto Auction, time is running out! Get on over to the Lloyds website, register to bid and get involved. There are plenty of gems up for grabs, but here are some of our favourites:

 Who doesn’t understand the appeal of an XC Cobra? You’re looking at build number 396, and it’s a 302/auto car with air, steer and electric windows. A very clean and original rig.

 Arguably the best looking Aussie muscle car of all time, the HK GTS Monaro is one sexy motor car. This particular example is impressive – it’s a 327/four-speed car, and what a colour combo! Lloyds tells us it’s a matching numbers Bathurst model, making it even more sought after. Watch this one go for big bucks.

 One for civic-minded Mopar fans, this VC Valiant Variety Bash car represents an opportunity to have fun with your mates, see Australia and raise some coin for a worthy cause in the process. With 318 power, a five-speed Tremec ’box, air-con and all the required safety gear, she’s ready to roll out on an adventure.

 If you like to get noticed, then perhaps this bright pink, airbrushed T-bucket is up your alley? Weighing in at just 860kg and powered by a tunnel-rammed small-block Chev, it’d probably scoot along fairly well, too.

 This completely original early girl Commodore could be the bargain buy of the auction. With around 24 hours to go at the time of writing, bidding is sitting at just $1750 – plenty of value there. With the OEM interior in really good shape, less than 100,000km on the clock and a good, honest body, it’d make a great cruiser or the perfect starting point for a project.

 It’s a Celica! It’s a Ferrari! Nah, it’s a Celica. But it’s been made to look like a Ferrari, and if you’re a baller on a budget who values Japanese reliability, maybe it’s just what you’re after.

 Even ‘cooking model’ two-door Toranas are fetching tidy sums these days, and this LJ S coupe looks like a nice little example. With a triple SU-fed six-pot and GTR-influenced styling, you’d be proud to call it your own.

 Lloyds have saved the best for last, because this A9X Torana hatchback is the final lot being offered in the July auction. Genuine A9X hatches are in very short supply, so if you want one, here’s your chance. Finished in Jasmine Yellow, Lloyds tell us this is a genuine, completely original, matching numbers car with logbooks. Opportunity knocking if ever we saw it!