The fourth King Of The Street no prep grudge racing event is on this weekend at Ballarat Airport


ONE of Melbourne’s best grudge racing events, Tunnel Vision’s King Of The Street is on again this weekend for its fourth running. The concept is to find the quickest true street car in the country by racing heads up with no track prep.

 Last year’s event was held at Heathcote Park Raceway and was won by Dandy Engines’s Frank Marchese and his 7-second XW Falcon. This year we’ll be at Ballarat Airport and racing lights out style over the eighth-mile instead of the quarter, which is sure to shake up the competition and level the playing field.

There are just two tyre based classes – one for any D.O.T tyre up to 275 and any D.O.T tyre bigger than a 275. Other rules stipulate that you must have a registered vehicle – either club or full reg – full interior, two working headlights and a full exhaust (diff dumps allowed). Wheelie bars and stripped out race cars with number plates are not allowed. $10,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs with the winner of each class taking home $2500 each.

We’re set to see good old fashioned racing, and every year Tunnel Vision’s King Of The Street brings out quality cars, here are some of the guys already signed up.

 Drag Challenge veteran Brendan Cherry loves his no prep racing and this weekend he’ll be bringing his new HK Monaro (cover of SM Sept ’17) out to play at King Of The Street. This one seriously nice car; it was originally built as a show ride and Cherry sold his eight-second HQ Monaro to get a hold of it. He then added a pair of turbos to the HK’s existing big-block power plant and a couple of other unique touches. If he can get it down the track without blazing the tyres, it’s going to be a contender.

 You might remember Evan Pantelios’s 1200hp RB-powered yellow VL Commodore from a video we posted a few months ago. This is another absolutely killer build that will be at King Of The Street this weekend. It’s running a D’annello Performance-built 3.2-litre stroker using an RB30 block and Nitto rods and pistons, Birrong Automotive CNC-machined RB26 cylinder head with Birrong cams, and of course that giant Precision 88/91 turbo.

 Luke Foley from MPW Performance will be bringing his VH Commodore out for another run. Luke’s clocked up a lot of miles on the twin-turbo alloy 6.0-litre lately having driven 1700km back from Red CentreNATS early this month after hitting a cow with his tow car and writing it off! He also drove it up to Calder last weekend from Geelong, ran a PB of 8.46 @ 163mph and drove home back to Geelong. True street car, you can never count it out.

 Don’t worry it’s not all Holdens, with Jason from Tunnel Vision renowned for his tough turbo Ford 4.0-litre engines you can bet there’ll be plenty of them at KOTS. Vince Riccotti is bringing his quick nine-second single-cam turbo 4.0-litre TC Cortina, while Lou Yalcin has signed up his ED XR6 Falcon which is also powered by a AU motor, this time with a GTX47R turbo and running eights.

 John Colaidis will be bringing out his ’65 Mustang which is one of the toughest genuine street cars in Melbourne. It runs eights with a boosted AU motor and last we checked, John’s PB with the car was an 8.16 @ 172mph. He’s madly rushing to get it ready for this weekend after taking it off the road for a few tweaks.

Jason is also racing his own eight-second Barra-powered XD Falcon.

 The guys from Competition Engines will also have a bunch of cars entered, including Ray Zarb’s aspo 357-cube Cleveland-powered XY that we featured back in the July ’17 issue of SM.

Spectators are welcome to come down and check out the racing – it’s $25 per person with kids under 15 years old free. If you want to race, it’s not too late to enter, check out the King Of The Street Facebook page for more info.