WW2 Jeep hits the strip! Hot Rod Drag Week – Video

Klaiton Hartman had planned to bring another car to this year’s Hot Rod Drag Week, but like most he found himself short of time and with just two weeks to go he ended up prepping a spare Jeep he had sitting around to take on the week of racing.

Videographers: Matt Reekie

BOUGHT by his Grandfather in 1945 as a World War 2 surplus, the Jeep has gone through an extensive makeover since Klaiton took ownership. The original motor is gone and in its place is a Ford 427 Windsor, C4 ‘box with a transbrake and trusty old 9 inch out back. The boys fabricated everything themselves and originally built the car for his Dad to take on Drag Week in 2016, but after breaking a rocker arm it was parked for two years until Klaiton decided the thrash on it for this year’s event.

The boys battled a wave of issues throughout drag week this year, from re-occuring oil leaks to broken U joints to re-doing the entire brake system to pass tech inspection, Klaiton and his mates had just about everything thrown at them.

The little Jeep ended up running a best of 12.055 at Charlotte, which is not bad for a car that spent most of the week running on 7 cylinders due to faulty rocker gear.