Robert Berry's Cummins turbo diesel-powered Chev pick up crashes on the final day of Drag Week 2017


Hot Rod Drag Week attracts all kinds of automotive craziness; from six-second Pro Mods wearing numberplates through to machines like Robert Berry’s compound turbo diesel Chevy Pickup. Robert is a veteran of four consecutive Drag Week adventures but he’s unlikely to ever forget the 2017 event. You’ll see why when you watch the video.

 The truck itself is built from a whole bunch of different parts. The cab is a 1945 Chev truck on a later model C10 chassis; it’s combined front fenders from an unknown source and a bed from a Studebaker Pickup for a truly unique look. When Rob debuted the truck at the 2014 event the Frankenstein-esque beast certainly had people talking. Back then it ran a single turbo hanging off the Cummins inline six and managed a string of high 13s to average 13.81 for the week. Since then he’s stepped things up with a compound turbo set-up that jams up to 70psi boost into the 5.9-litre Dodge engine and we’ve seen it go 10.66@125mph.

This year the truck was hovering around the low 11 and high 10sec zone for the week until Rob got a little out of shape on his first pass of Day Five. The Chevy got out of the groove and, by the time Rob got out of it, the rear end had swung around and pointed the pickup straight at the wall. Thankfully Rob was able to step from the truck unscathed, but the same can’t be said for his ride. “I just stayed into it too long,” Rob remarked afterwards.

Because he crossed the start beams on the last day Rob officially finished Drag Week 2017 with a 20sec pass to give him an average of [email protected], but we’re sure he’ll be back next year. After all, Drag Week is an addiction and the only cure is more Drag Week.