Arby buys himself a pickup truck – video

There is nothing more American than an old pickup truck and Mark Arblaster couldn’t help himself when he saw this ’69 Dodge pickup for sale in Montana.


EXPERIENCED Drag Week campaigner, and winner of last year’s Spirit of Drag Week Award, Dan Nissen owned the vehicle. He managed to by the factory big block pickup when a local wrecking yard knocked it back, and when Arby saw photos of the old Dodge, he couldn’t help himself.

The deal included delivery from Havre, Montana all the way to Independence, Kansas, plus some work to make sure the truck was capable of towing Mark’s POR440 Valiant from Kansas to Atlanta for Drag Week 2018.

Arby truckSo what has Arby actually bought himself? Well it’s a Dodge D200 Sweptline Pickup with a factory 383ci big block and a 727 Torqueflite transmission. It’s a long bed three-quarter ton Camper Special – so it has got a heavier duty cooling system, better charging system, dual mirrors, plus a plug outlet for a slide on camper, and with an eight-foot long bed there’s plenty of room to carry gear in the back.

The truck itself has a nice honest patina and was barely off the trailer before Arby’s American mate Dale was doing burnouts up the main street. The plan for the truck is to tow POR440 around for the next week or so before it gets sent back to Australia. After that it’s anyone’s guess where it’ll end up.

Maybe we can convince Arby to sell it to us.