Video: Eight-second Barra turbo F100

Ryan O’Donohue’s flying brick dominated Speed Pro Six Cylinder at Drag Challenge 2022/23

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Noah Thorley
Videographers: Matt Hull, Paul Cronin

As the man behind Melbourne’s Riot Lab fab shop, Ryan O’Donohue already has his work embedded in some real Drag Challenge hotties, including Sean Anthony’s seven-second XD Falcon and Danny Howe’s neat-as-a-pin XE ute.

He rolled up to Drag Challenge 2022/23 in this sweet 1976 F100, unsurprisingly packing a tough boosted Barra driveline.

A Powerglide and sheetmetal nine-inch round out the combo, all fabbed up and bolted together in-house at Riot Lab with bugger-all off-the-shelf componentry. The killer stance is all static, too — no ’bags here!

The truck shot to the top of the Speed Pro Six-Cylinder standings on day one, running an 8.47@160mph. It would stay up front all week despite auto problems that became progressively worse.

Ryan and his crew faced a few other dramas on both street and ’strip, so check out the video to see exactly what went down! We could listen to Ryan and Bubba talk rubbish all day.