Turbocharged rotary-powered Mazda Capella runs nines at Drag Challenge 2018

Jay Robinson flew the flag high for chook-cookers at DC 2018

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Michelle Porobic, Nathan Jacobs, Shaun Tanner

JAY Robinson did well representing the triangle-motor brigade at Drag Challenge 2018, with his Mazda Capella running in the nines in the Haltech Radial Blown class.

Mazda Capella“It’s a Series V RX-7 two-rotor 13B with a bridge port and a Borgie S372 SX-E turbo currently running approximately 20psi,” Jay said. “We kept it safe for Drag Challenge just to get it to the end of the week. We had it on the dyno three weeks beforehand and it made 429rwhp.”

Running on 98RON pump fuel with water/methanol injection, the Mazda set a new PB of 10.25@132mph at Heathcote a couple of weeks before Drag Challenge kicked off.

Mazda Capella“I’ve had the car about five years, and it started off running 12.7s with a manual,” Jay said. “I changed to the Jatco auto and TCE 5500rpm converter, and I ran high 10s.” Behind the three-speed auto is a nine-inch with 4.11 gears.

“It was pretty reliable on the road,” Jay said. “The boost controller died at Calder on Day One so we had to put a Boost-Tee on it, and then on the way to Swan Hill it blew the T4 gasket out of the exhaust so I had to change that at the caravan park that night. Just before I raced at Calder on Day Five I changed an oil cooler line.”

Mazda CapellaDay One at Calder wasn’t kind to the Capella. After battling water/meth injection issues and a lack of boost off the line, a buggered wheel nut then saw Jay drive the 400km to Swan Hill on his radials. Still, he handed in a slip showing 9.29@129mph over the 1000ft, with a 10.31@131mph at Swan Hill on Day Two.

At Mildura’s eighth-mile, Jay knocked out two passes by 10:30am, with a 6.50@106mph his best time and a new PB for the car. He hit the road early back to Swan Hill for Day Four, where he ran 9.93@133mph.

Mazda CapellaDay Five at Calder saw Jay blaze an 8.31@124mph to finish Drag Challenge on a high, coming in 28th in Haltech Radial Blown, and taking out Quickest Four/Rotor.

“I got it all tech-inspected the week before Drag Challenge, so I’ll do some more racing now,” Jay said.


Class: Haltech Radial Blown

Engine: Mazda Series V 13B twin-rotor
Turbo: BorgWarner S372 SX-E
Transmission: Jatco three-speed
Converter: TCE 5500rpm
Diff: 9in, 4.11:1 gears
Power: 429rwhp
Previous PB: 10.25@132mph
Best Drag Challenge 2018 Pass: 9.93@133mph