Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend FAQ

Drag Challenge Weekend is just a couple of weeks away now and we've been answering plenty of questions, here are some of the most frequently asked


Drag Challenge is an event that tests both the driver and their car, and while the rules are relatively few there are a couple important things that everyone should note. So here’s a quick couple of pointers for new players in the Drag Challenge universe. The full rules are available here.

Can I get my mate to follow me with a tow vehicle?

No, you can’t have your wife, girlfriend or best mate (or anyone else) follow you around with a tow vehicle and an emergency car trailer. If you break down, fix it. If it can’t be fixed then call RACQ like everyone else. Once you go on a trailer you’re out.

Can my mates carry spare parts for me?

Like the car trailer rule you can’t have anyone follow you around with a ute load of spares. If there’s something you think you will need then chuck it in the boot or tray of your race vehicle, or tow a small trailer behind your race car

Can I tow a car trailer?

Yes you can tow a trailer behind your race vehicle, but you can’t tow a car trailer. You can tow a single axle trailer no more than 190cm high.

What about a motorhome?

No your mates can’t follow you around with a motorhome to give you a place to sleep along the road. Your options for accommodation are motels, caravan parks or roll out a swag (which you need to carry all weekend)

What if I break down on the road?

If you break down, you can’t tow your car to a workshop to fix. Limp it there, or fix it where it broke. We will allow a short tow to a safer location, but no further

Can you buy parts along the way?

Yes you can buy parts or fuel along the way – Forgot or broke something, yes you can have it delivered to you or get a lift to go get it. Other competitors or professional businesses can help you out as well.

Can we stop by Mexico?

No hooning – We’ve all seen the videos from the US; this isn’t the US. You’re representing the event while you are on the road and everyone is watching us – keep the burnouts and racing for the drag strip.

What happens to my tow vehicle once we get to the track?

You can tow your race car to the first day, but then your tow rig gets left behind. We’ll have 24hr security watching the vehicles, but unless you’re out you can’t access your tow vehicle until you’re finished racing on the last day. When racing starts on day one your tow vehicle will need to be parked in the assigned area.

What if I forget to submit my timecard?

You have to pick up your timecard and give it to us to be recorded. We will not chase you for timecards, if we don’t have your timecard at the end of the day we will assume you are out. You only get to submit one timecard so make sure it’s the right one and no you don’t get it back afterwards

Are we racing quarter-mile or eighth-mile?

We’re racing at Willowbank and Warwick which are quarter mile and eighth mile. For the tyres classes we are just adding your times together, the shortest overall time wins.

How does DYO work?

Dial Your Own is about consistency. Pick your first timecard carefully because that’s the number you will need to run the rest of the week. Your eighth mile times will be multiplied by 1.555 to give a quarter mile time. More info here

How can I spectate?

We encourage spectators to follow along but be mindful of following too close with your mates. Do your mates a favour and don’t park near them at the track – we’ll be watching for non-entrants who cruise with certain cars all the time.

Will someone be checking that entrants are following the rules?

Don’t arc up if the Event Director (Scotty) drops by for a chat. Sometimes we need to remind people of the rules if they’re skirting along the edge, sometimes we’re just checking class compliance (right tyre size, etc) or sometimes we’ve just dropped past for a chat to see how everything is going and if they’re having fun.

How do I enter?

Info here, entry form here!