Drag Challenge Weekend 2019 – the final countdown

YES! Drag Challenge Weekend is almost here. Here are a few key times and FAQs to help your event go smoothly.



$20 per day, kids under 13 free

$70 for three-day ticket plus event shirt



10.00am to 4.00pm, Friday 3 May


You’ll complete your paperwork, collect your merch, get your car scrutineered and stickered up ready to race. You can leave your tow vehicles locked up at Willowbank for the duration for the event. We’ll do a group photo in the afternoon for those that are there and brace ourselves for a big weekend!



Gates open 7.00am

Driver’s briefing: 8.30am

Racing from 9.00am to 3.00pm


You can do a single pass and hit the road or stay all day and do as many passes as you like. But the smart thing to do is to get some runs in early and then leave as soon as you can. When you’re ready to go, hand your time slip in and you’ll receive your route map to Warwick Dragway. You can do the route today or first thing tomorrow, that’s up to you. But make sure you take a photo with your car at the mandatory check point.



Gates open 7.00am

Driver’s briefing: 8.30am

Racing 9.00am to 3.00pm

Same deal, you can make one pass or many. Hand in your time slip at the end of the day AND show us your photos from the mandatory stop before you leave. You’ll get another map of the route back to Willowbank. And don’t forget to get a photo at the mandatory stop.



Gates open 7.00am

Driver’s briefing: 8.30am

Racing 9.00am to 3.00pm

Presentations 4.00pm

Do your runs, hand in your time slip when you’re finished racing AND show us your photo from the second mandatory stop. Then stick around for presentations!


tow carsTOW RIGS

On either registration day or the first race day at Willowbank, drop your race car in the pit and then park your tow rig in the designated zone. On the first race day at Willowbank, drop your race car in the pit and then park your tow rig in the designated zone. Otherwise, arrange for someone to take your rig home. You cannot have it parked next to you in the pits once racing starts. You cannot access your tow rig until you are FINISHED RACING on day three. Don’t rock up at Willowbank on Monday and head straight for the tow cars. This will mean disqualification.


Like Drag Week, we don’t have support vehicles at Drag Challenge. You must bring all your tools, fuel, tyres, camping gear, BBQs etc with you in your car or trailer.


Mates are great, but they can get you into strife. Only racers and crew can work on cars during Drag Challenge. If a non-entrant attempts to park near your car in the pits, please ask them to move – otherwise they will be deemed a support vehicle.


Each competition vehicle may tow a single-axle trailer no more than 190cm high (measured at the axle centreline) from ground to top, including the height of anything carried on top of the trailer. Trailers may not contain any components that contribute to cooling, charging, oiling or fuelling the competition vehicle while the trailer is in motion. It is up to the entrant to make themselves aware of all road rules pertaining to safe loading and towing of trailers.


If your car breaks down and is in a dangerous place, you may get it towed to the next safe spot. From there it is up to you to fix the car and get back on the road. If you cannot proceed and have pulled out of the event you can access your tow vehicle during the normal operation hours at Willowbank. There will be no after-hours access.


There is no camping inside Willowbank, though there is a rest stop outside. Camping at Warwick is fun and is just $5 per person. You will not be able to leave your car at Willowbank Friday night.


If you leave the mandatory route for fuel or food, you need to re-join the route at the point you left it. If you don’t follow the mandatory route you are disqualified.

drag radialsDRAG RADIALS

It looks like we’re going to have some wet weather, so please don’t attempt to do the road course on drag radials. Accidents have happened before and will happen.


On the other hand, you cannot run hard road tyres on the track, as they chew up our lovely track prep! That means you’ll need to run soft compound drag radials or a slick.


If you do break down in the dark, pull over as far off the road as you can. Bring some fluoro vests and grab a magnetic flashing light before you leave.


Just like at Hot Rod Drag Week, Drag Challenge competitor vehicles should be void of large sponsorship signage. This is a street car event and it is important the cars look like street machines, not V8 Supercars or taxis! Unless your car is an actual taxi, of course.

Lettering or logos must be less than 150mm tall on the side or front of the cars and are limited to a single sponsor, company, or name. Retro lettering on gasser-style or vintage muscle cars is allowed, but no ambush marketing, please.

Front windscreen banners, large door stickers, and partial or complete vehicle wraps displaying sponsors, workshops or competitor companies to Drag Challenge sponsors will need to be removed before the registration day.

Signage on competitor vehicles rear windscreens, trailers and roof racks is open, but should not bring the event into disrepute or attract the wrong kind of attention.

Drag Challenge WeekendAnd thanks to all our sponsors for their support of the event: Pacemaker Headers, Turbosmart, Haltech, K&N Filters, Tuff Mounts and XR6 Turbo Developments.