Who's in and who's out after day two of Street Machine Drag Challenge 2016

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs, Chris Thorogood

DAY two of Street Machine Drag Challenge was run at Heathcote Park Raceway yesterday, before the entrants headed off on an epic 430km journey to Mildura.

In the overall standings, Bubba Medlyn in the twin turbo V8 Commodore is still out on front, with combined best times from day one at Calder and day two of 16.53-seconds. Next up is Adam Rogash in the NOSHOW HSV Clubsport with 16.93 and then Mark Drew in the Crusty Torana with a 17.06 average.

The classes for Drag Challenge are simple – Haltech Radial Blown and Earl’s Radial Aspirated for those running genuine 275 radials or smaller and Turbosmart Outlaw Blown and Mothers Outlaw Aspirated for those running any other tyre. Other than that, you can run what you like – any fuel, any power adders. Many entrants drop exhausts at the track, then convert them back to road spec for the trips from track to track.Drag Challenge 4Chasing Bubba for Turbosmart Outlaw Blown honours is Harry Haig in the Shonky SS and Jarrod Wood in the mental IMGASD one-tonner.

The Haltech Radial Blown competitors had to battle a tough Heathcote surface, with Mark Drew close behind Adam Rogash and with Queenslander Terry Seng in third place in his ballistic VC Brock replica.

Mark Clifford and his crew from Far North Queensland struggled with gremlins in the morning, but worked hard and made it to Heathcote to stay out in front of Mothers Outlaw Aspirated, ahead of Stephen Micallef in the one-tonner and Steve Reimann in his Dodge Dart. Reimann’s Dart was hit by a motorist on the way to Mildura and suffered massive damage. The car is out of the event, but Steve was unhurt and is riding along for the rest of the event. Drag Challenge 6Earl’s Radial Aspirated is being dominated by Fords, with the Capris of Alon Vella and Nathan Goshon leading George Haddad in his XR Falcon.

Tuff Mounts dial-your-own is a tough battle as expected, with Simon McPherson’s VK Calais ahead of Benny Phillips’s HK and last year’s DYO champ, Alesha Teale.

Of course, there are a thousand other stories to tell, including the tale of Max and Jake Edwards. After fitting a replacement LS to Max’s Corona wagon in the pits at Calder, the boys discovered it was a dud with a very noisy valvetrain. Keen to keep following the event, the Edwards’s limped to Hardcourt to use fellow competitor Anthony Burns’s shop to fit a whole new top end to the motor. They then made it to Heathcote in time to do one pass!

Stay tuned for our video update soon.


Bubba MedlynVH Commodore16.5349
Harry HaigHQ Sedan17.4331
Jarrod WoodHQ Tonner17.9875
Luke FoleyVH Commodore17.9191
Brendan CherryHQ Monaro17.9854
Rodney BrowittHQ Ute18.7439
Darren MallisonToyota Corona18.9042
Mark SassVX Commodore19.1404
Tim BaileyVZ Commodore ute20.8619
John WHYTELC Torana24.0626
Brad DavisC63 Mercedes20.5892
Paul HamiltonXA FalconOUT
Antony JakovacFord CortinaOUT
Jamie Arnold OUT


Mark CliffordFord Mustang18.9543
Stephen MicallefHQ Holden19.0345
Steve ReimannDodge Dart20.3336
Andrew MclellanPlymouth Cuda21.6997
Jon MitchellDodge Challenger21.7736


Adam Rogash VT Clubsport16.9347
Mark DrewLH Torana17.0609
Terry SengVC Commodore17.6229
Luke GrimaRed Torana18.1068
Graeme HornerVK Commodore18.1775
Todd FoleyVH Commodore18.2203
Jason GhillerBeige Falcon18.6243
Jesse BoothroydHZ Kingswood18.7514
Brett MathewHT Premier18.8404
Neil DaveyVX Commodore18.8795
Elvio GonzalezFord Capri19.1888
Dusty BensonVC Commodore 19.3334
Josh O’brienCommodore Ute19.5005
Tim BaileyVZ Commodore ute20.8619
Tim RhoneXP Falcon21.1614
Matt LampardHZ Kingswood21.261
Rohan Hutson55 Chev21.9369
Phillip EdmondsonXB Hardtop25.1885
Norm Hardinge32 Ford coupe24.3561
Chris VeleskiToyota LexcenOUT
Adam StylesLC Torana OUT
Vince StiglianoFord Mustang OUT
Jason WalterXY Falcon uteOUT
Con PakosMitsubishi VanOUT
Daryl AmeyHG Holden uteOUT


Alon VellaFord Capri18.6454
Nathan GhosnFord Capri19.6945
George HaddadXR Falcon20.9361
Damon KirkwoodGemini21.4876
Daryl ElliottLH Torana21.2301
Murray Kelly HT HoldenOUT
Josh EdeXY FalconOUT
John MicallefLH ToranaOUT

Drag Challenge 1


Simon McphersonVK Calais -0.0029
Benny Phillips68 HK Holden -0.0067
Alesha TealeHQ Holden-0.0071
John KerrMercury Comet-0.0082
Justin MitchellHQ Holden-0.0098
Grant PeglerLX Torana SS-0.0112
Daniel BarbaryChrysler Centura-0.0113
Carl TaylorChev Belair-0.0123
Kim SmithHSV Maloo-0.0165
Joshua GrantVB Commodore-0.0181
Rod KerrHolden Torana-0.0215
Blake Jeffreys DrivingVK Commodore-0.022
Mark Busscher Holden Adventurer-0.023
Noel InmanT-model-0.0248
Randall MortierVK Commodore-0.0253
Long John MegahorneMazda-0.0263
Ben Heyma86 Commodore -0.0295
Nathan ClarkeHolden Torana-0.0343
Rob ThorpeXF Falcon ute -0.0355
Matt JonesHolden ute-0.0365
Dominic Pelle68 HK Holden-0.0451
Damien Reeves69 Ford XT Fairmont-0.0494
Simon LazzaroHQ Monaro-0.0515
John WHYTEXR6 Ute-0.0554
Peter NayHolden VZ Ute-0.0583
Ben SmithFord XW Ute-0.0611
Greg MasonEl Camino-0.08
Anthony BurnsFalcon ute-0.0921
Anthony GattChrysler Centura-0.0994
Andrew NatoliVK Commodore-0.1027
Rohan Hutson55 Chev-0.1029
Jason DavidsonHQ Tonner-0.1035
Ryan ThompsonVS Statement-0.1043
Charles Absalom -0.1062
Greg RichardsFord Fairlane -0.1254
James GrahamVH Commodore-0.1453
Michael RosserHolden VX SS-0.1482
Ben KadelValiant Galant-0.1505
Steve NightingaleFord XA Falcon-0.1766
Scott TaylorFord Sprint-0.2658
Mitch SmithVG Valiant Hardtop-0.3516
Cory ReadFord XF Falcon-0.3571
Steve GrimaVK Commodore-0.3882
Robert AdamoFord Bronco-0.3996
Paul MulcahyAustin Lancer-0.4872
David BestVY Commodore S/C-0.5053
Scott LevyEl Camino-0.8600
Robert Colombani 68 Camaro-1.0141
Max EdwardsToyota Coronaout
Aiden TaylorFord Sprintout
Ryan FordCamaroout
Grant Grech77 Toranaout