Street Machine Drag Challenge 2019 update

DRAG Challenge 2019 is coming up fast, so here’s an important update!



The big news is that we are no longer racing at Swan Hill on the Tuesday, as the track is no longer available. The revised schedule is:

Sunday 10 November: Calder Park registration day. DYO and aspirated classes from 9.00am. Blown and Six Cylinder from 12pm

Monday 11 November: Calder Park, racing 9am-3pm

Tuesday 12 November: Mildura Sunset Strip, racing 4pm-10pm

Wednesday 13 November: Mildura Sunset Strip, racing 8am-2pm

Thursday 14 November: South Coast Raceway, racing 10am-4pm

Friday 15 November: Calder Park, racing 3pm-9pm

This format allows means everyone booked in for accommodation in Swan Hill can keep it! And while we do lose one leg of the road trip, we gain the chance to run at Mildura in the cool night air. The time for Tuesday may change depending on the weather forecast in the lead up. Remember, Sunday’s registration day is mandatory, no scrutineering on the day.


Mildura’s Sunset Strip is having a Race Your Mates meeting 2 November, from 3-9pm. There will be a fully-prepped track and it is $120 to enter.

South Coast Raceway has a Grudge Night 8 November and a Chicago Shoot meeting 9 November. Entry for the latter is $120 o r $100 for members.

Calder Park is having a Sunday Funday this week and a Test & Tune on the Friday 1 November. This is a great opportunity to test new combinations and sort out any bugs before race day.


As in previous years, our safety officers will be conducting random breath tests during the event. The only acceptable reading during racing is zero! On the road, the normal .05 rules apply. Don’t drink and drive.


Parking in the pitsAS DRAG Challenge gets bigger, we have to work harder on traffic management within the venues. One thing that causes us some headaches is non-entrants parking in the pits, particularly at Calder and Swan Hill. So if you have some mates coming to cheer you on, don’t let them park up in the pits. Either enter the event or stay in the car park!


Drag challenge updateIF YOU are planning on bringing a fast car, make sure it has current ANDRA tech for the speeds you are hoping to run and that you have a current licence for same. Don’t think you can muddle through on the day; save the headaches and sort it out before the event.


search for the ultimate street carENTERED in Drag Challenge and think that five days of racing and cruising just isn’t enough? Then consider entering the Optima Search For The Ultimate Street Car, which happens straight after Drag Challenge at Calder Park, 16-17 November. Disciplines include drag racing, circuit sprints, motorkhana and go-to-whoa. The winner will score a trip for two to SEMA and the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Las Vegas in 2020. For more info, check out

Thanks to all our sponsors for their support of the event: Pacemaker Headers, Turbosmart, Haltech, K&N Filters, Tuff Mounts and XR6 Turbo Developments.