Eight-second, twin-turbo ‘PSIPREM’ HG Premier for sale

Front-running Drag Challenge Weekend car up for grabs as a turnkey deal!

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

DAVE William’s PSIPREM HG Premier was very much a fresh build when he fronted at the inaugural Drag Challenge Weekend in Queensland last year. With only a handful of passes under its tyres and very limited street use, it seemed a little foolhardy to attack such a serious event in a largely untested car, but Dave had faith in the old girl. Rightly so, too, because the car completed DCW with nary a mechanical issue, ran in the 8.1s in full street trim, pulled an epic wheelstand for the crowd, and jagged a couple of trophies in the process.

If that sounds like the kind of car you’d like to own, you’re in luck, because Dave has just offered the beautifully engineered Prem for sale. “There’s a project I’ve been trying to get hold of in the US for a while; it’s just become available, so I’ve decided to sell the Prem,” said Dave.

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“With Drag Challenge Weekend coming up I thought the timing was right, so if someone genuine comes along who is interested in the car, they can compete in that. It’s got the best of everything, and it’s registered and ready to go with a heap of spares, as well as the street wheels and double beadlock drag wheels with radials. Since DCW last year I’ve only driven it a handful of times, so it’s basically a brand new car. It went 8.15 on radials with the full exhaust and air cleaners on; it’ll run into the sevens easily.”

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The 1200rwhp monster is powered by a dry-sumped 376ci LSX with twin 62/66 turbos and water-to-air intercooler. It’s a no-expense-spared build, complete with a custom chrome-moly front end, but it’s no lightweight, tipping the scales at 3700lb with driver. It’s an all-steel, full-fat street car with a complete interior and power windows. It is worth noting that the car has had a cosmetic change with the new black roof, after these photos were taken at Drag Challenge Weekend 2018.

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