Drag Challenge Weekend Victoria entry list

The complete entry list of warriors taking on our 2022 Victorian Drag Challenge Weekend


We’re kicking off 2022 with a brand new addition to our Drag Challenge calendar, with the shorter Drag Challenge Weekend being run in Victoria for the very first time on March 25-27.

You can read all the juicy details about the event here, but essentially it’s a shortened three day version of our regular Drag Challenge marathon, with racing at Heathcote Park Raceway on the 25 and 27 March and a trip to Mildura’s eighth-mile Sunset Strip for the second day of racing on the 26th.

Below is the complete entry list for everyone lining up in eight different classes. If you wish to enter then to do so ASAP at the link here, because spots are limited to just 200 and you cannot enter on the day.


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Tim KohnHolden HK Monaro43410.1
louis YOUNISHolden Torana38310
Tony GerberHolden VU ute57001295
Nathan GhosnFord Capri3709.94
Benjamin BramallFord Fairmont42710.89
Corey MorrowHolden VL Commodore3.010
Scott McKenzieHolden FE35011
Harry HaigHolden HT550011
Anthony BurnsNissan Skyline570011.99
Donnie ZircasFord Capri3889.89
Josh ChiefaloHolden Torana570013


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Dustin DoolanFalcon EB400014.5
Brett Mathewholden HT3508.9
Adrian NichollsHolden Commodore570011.8
Paul SpeerHolden Monaro CV86.011
Matt CarpenterFord XP34710.9
Brody DaviesHolden HT Kingswood32310.9
Tom WrightHolden HT Premier3609.6
Luke BorgHolden EH570010.9
Daryl AmeyHolden HG18311.2
Jake CrumblinHolden Kingswood53000
Jason KennyHolden VN3647.9
Andrew MicallefMitsubishi Evo 7230011.1
Dom LuppinoHolden Torana2.59.9
Andrew HainesHolden HT500013
Scott TaylorHolden Commodore380013.1
Jason WayeFord Mustang400010.2
Craig TropeanoHolden Commodore Ute398410.01
Tony sellickFord Falcon530012.5


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Nathan KingFord Falcon  398411.5
Joshua AbelaFord Falcon5.012
Luke GrahamHolden VF35011
Danny BrescianiNissan Skyline30008.51
MARCUS LEAFord pick-up34712
Nathan RainbirdHolden HQ35012.1
Nathan CamilleriFord Fairlane400014
Jake HardsChevrolet Camaro35011
Steve PaechHolden HJ Monaro34611
Anthony RaschellaChevrolet Chevelle40012.1
Cory BiceFord Falcon39840
Paul CooteFord Falcon405014.99
Chris MaclaganHolden VS Commodore34612.2
Lee MaloneHolden VG ute10.6
Geof TartoosieHolden Monaro38311.9
Andrew SimmonsHolden HG36411.1
Trent SturgessHolden HR ute40011
Marcus HamiltonHolden HJ Monaro35511.2
Daniel CamilleriHolden HQ700011.4
Adrian AbelaFord Mustang5.69.63
David CurtisHolden Commodore660010
Robert BertramChev 21038310.5
Chevy Barnes LibrioFord XB ute25013
Scott RileyFord Falcon XY39510.5
Steve HutchinsHolden Kingswood600011.85
Mick MildrenFord XE  400011
Jamie KnightHolden HZ Premier6.010
Jamie TurnerHolden HQ Kingswood42711
Shannon BrooksHolden HQ ute35511.5
Jason SchmidtHolden Commodore5.799.99
Clive PolidanoHolden Kingswood35010.95
Anthony FortunatoHolden Torana2020
Tony LeistChevrolet Camaro50510.6
Clive PolidanoHolden Kingswood35010.95
Alysha TealeHolden HQ38310.82
Andrew HoldsworthFord Fairlane763611.5
Leigh SmithHolden Monaro600012.3
Rick McGaviganFord Falcon30212
Andrew Dyson1981 Datsun35010.99


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Mark CliffordFord Mustang6008.9
Andrew NatoliHolden VK38510.5
Daniel Cassar1932 Ford5989.5
Grant GrechHolden Torana600011.56
John KerrMercury Comet34610.61
Rick McGaviganFord Falcon30212


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Paul KentFord XE Fairmont35110
Matthew CowleyHolden VE ute600011.3
James SparkesHolden HG5726.2
Todd O’LearyFord Mustang3029.2
Paul HamiltonFord XA6008
Joe CamilleriFord Territory4.09
Joe OrdonNissan Patrol4.810
Noel InmanFord Centre door34711
Giulian DichieraFord Mustang50009.5
Bruce HowieFord Falcon30211
Mark WhitlaFord Capri5407.95
Brad KellyHolden VZ ute3648.92
VINCE TORELLIHolden HJ sedan42710
Robert GiangraveFord Falcon XR 5428.8


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Bryce GodfreyHolden HJ GTS668010.65
Larissa FrankeFord BF Falcon33112
Manny DebrincatFord XW38310.7
Steve NightingaleFord Falcon42711
Alon VellaFord Capri4408.49
Keith HardsChevrolet Camaro6348
Alon VellaFord Capri4409.49
Jim SakellaridisFactory Five 1933 Ford600012.2
Jesse DavidsonHolden HG6.710.4
Peter HaravitsidisFord Falcon GT4409.59
Jude DrewHolden VR Commodore41710.02


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Richard CollinsHolden HK Premier66538.82
Brian WatdFord Cortina2508
Paul MulcahyHolden Commodore36311.2
Mark Johnstone Holden FC4089.5
Mark DrewHolden HR4008.41
Matt WattsHolden Torana37600
Brodie VillisToyota Corolla180010.1
Ryan FordChevrolet Corvette570012
Brandon ZitoHolden LC Torana3607.8
Chris KaarsbergHolden Torana3867.91
Rocky CaminitiCSV Strada4279.5
Greg RichardsFord ZC Fairlane70009.48
Luke FoleyHolden VH Commodore4407.6
ADAM ROGASHHolden Commodore4277.5
Giacomo DichieraHolden Commodore5.79.5
Dsvid BestHolden Commodore4328.5
Gino AielloCheverlot Camaro5.89.9
Matt McintoshHSV Clubsport R870009.2
ELIE BOULOSFord XF Fairmont Ghia6.010
Ben PaganoniFord Mustang40008.23
Josh O’BrienHolden Commodore ute3559.2
Riccardo PontonioHolden Commodore4408.1
Jason DavidsonChevrolet Camaro600010.67
Kai McpheeHolden VC3607.86


NameCarCapacityQuickest ET
Joshua CarrierFord Falcon FG4.00
Brett EwingsFord G6E Turbo400011.5
Zane HeathFord EF Fairmont420011.9
Dean DoolanFord EL XR6400011.3
Tim GrantHolden ute3.811.5
Ben NealToyota Cresta40008.16
Joshua GrantHolden Commodore38009.79
Dylan GriffithsFord Falcon400010.6
Ben RoyalChrysler Scorpion2.511
Mark ConnorsFord Falcon XR6T ute400012.7
Sean AnthonyFord Falcon2708.25168
Joshua TuskinFord Falcon4.08.27
Heath BlackFord G6E  400010.5
Petar DabelicFord Fairmont Ghia400011.5
Mark BarberHolden Torana300011
Leo FrankeFord Falcon3.911.5
Shane NeumannFord Falcon37009.03
Zachary HortisChrysler Valiant VG26512.7
Karl WhelanFord Falcon4.010.01
George HatziFord Fairmont40009
Shane NeumannFord Falcon37009.03
Jake BetteridgeFord FG ute40009.85
Glenn RichardsFord Falcon400011.04
John RiccaNissan Skyline GTR320011.5
Jake CartledgeHolden VK3559.4
Kurt SheldrickFord G6E40009.8
Chris ImlachToyota HiLux250010.11
Marcus CrippsFord XD Falcon39847.96