Drag Challenge 2019 Entry List

The full list of victims for Street Machine Drag Challenge 2019


DRAG Challenge 2019 is set to be one of the biggest yet, with well over 220 entrants from all corners of the country opting to take on the gruelling test of road and race.

Much like last time, the event will take place solely within Victoria. Sign in gets underway on Sunday November 10 at Calder Park, followed by the first day of racing at the same venue on Monday. The circus then does two days at Mildura, back down south to Portland and then back to Calder Park for the fifth and final day to complete the circle.

Both the new pair of 235 classes and the Six Cylinder class have continued their popular form from their debut at Drag Challenge Weekend earlier in the year, with strong numbers representing across all classes that should make for some red-hot competition.

Spectators are welcome at all tracks, with entry is $20 per day, and kids 13 and under free. Scroll down to see the full list of entrants, and we’ll see you in November!


Phillip Edmondson1973 Ford Falcon8.2Turbo
Peter Ashworth2005 HSV GTO9.8Turbo
Adam CurranFord Cortina11.3Turbo
George Hatzi1986 Ford Fairmont11.2Turbo
Ben Taylor1967 Chevy Camaro8.8Turbo
Andrew Ricketts1978 Holden Premier9.0Turbo
Luke Grima1976 Holden Torana11.0Supercharged
David Tierney1978 Holden Premier9.0Turbo
Kai McPhee1981 VC Commodore8.2Turbo
Reion Sammons1973 HQ Premier9.6Supercharged
David Best2003 VY SS Commodore8.5Turbo
Mark Drew1975 Holden Torana7.7Turbo
Wayne Cartledge1977 Ford Cortina9.1Turbo
Chris Kaarsberg1977 Holden Torana9.1Turbo
Riccardo Pontonio1984 Holden Commodore9.2Turbo
Nathan Ashman1962 Holden EK8.0Turbo
Josh O’Brien1993 Holden Commodore9.3Supercharged
Jarryd Duggan1976 Holden ToranaN/ANitrous
Dave Rogers1968 GTS Monaro8.5Nitrous
Kevin Amey2010 Holden Colorado10.7Turbo
Greg Richards1970 Ford Fairlane9.9Nitrous
Adam Rogash1985 VK Commodore7.7Turbo
Gino Aiello1970 Chevy Chevelle10Supercharged
Daniel Drury1987 Holden Commodore8.5Turbo
Brett Lowing1980 Mitsubishi SigmaN/ATurbo
Matt Czerny1987 VL Commodore10.4Supercharged
Cory Read1986 Ford Falcon9.0Turbo
Ian Carpenter1974 HJ Ute11Turbo
Antonino Muscara1983 Ford FalconN/ASupercharged
Shaun Peatt1993 Holden Statesman9.5Turbocharged
Chris Imlach1962 Chevy Nova11.2Turbo
Shane Neumann1990 Ford Falcon9.0Turbo
Tim Sullivan1974 HJ Holden9.8Turbo
Daniel Szabolics1971 HQ CoupeN/ATurbo
Brad Kelly2006 Holden Ute9.5Turbo
Luke Green1974 Holden Torana8.9Turbo
Rodney Browitt1971 HQ Holden8.3Turbo
Dean Solderblom1976 Holden Torana9.7Supercharged
Michael Rohal1937 Ford Pickup9.9Turbo
Tim Rhone1966 Ford Falcon9.4Turbo
Brandon Zito1971 Holden Torana7.9Turbo
Glenn Empson1996 Holden Commodore9.0Turbo
Dusty Benson1980 Holden Commodore 8.5Turbo
Matt Murphy1971 HQ Holden9.7Nitrous
Chris Gofton1972 Holden Monaro9.5Nitrous
Chris Thompson2017 Holden Director10.5Supercharged
Murray Kelly1969 HT Holden9.8Supercharged
Matt Lampard1978 HZ Holden8.2Turbo


Casey Thomas1977 XC Ford10.9N/A
Joshua Ede1971 Ford Futura10N/A
Dom LuppinoFord ZD Fairlane10.2N/A
Sheridan Eaton1968 Chevy Camaro11N/A
Peter Haravitsidis1971 Ford Falcon9.8N/A
Jim Sakellaridis1933 Factory Five11.9N/A
William Ewing1967 Ford Mustang11.1N/A
Rod Jones1933 Ford Sedan11.3N/A
Jarrod Wood1969 Ford Falcon9.9N/A
John Busuttil1968 Mercury Cougar11.5N/A
George Haddad1967 Ford Falcon10.2N/A
Keith Hards1969 Chevy Camaro9.7N/A
Alon Vella 1970 Ford Capri8.4N/A
Carly Dale 1987 VL Calais 00.0N/A
Gavin Edmonds1934 Ford Pickup12Nitrous


Daniel Kemlo1977 Datsun 260Z11Turbo
Adrian Nicholls1985 Holden Commodore11.3Turbo
Randall Mortier1985 Holden Calais9.9Nitrous
David DarwinHolden VB CommodoreN/ATurbo
Phil Curmi1980 Holden Commodore11.9Supercharged
Robert Adamo1984 Ford Bronco9.8Supercharged
Scott Forrester1975 Holden Gemini8.6Turbo
Luke Spalding2004 Holden SS Commodore10Turbo
Michael Donchos1969 Ford Falcon10.5Nitrous
Todd Foley1982 Holden Commodore8.9Supercharged
Mark Arblaster1970 Chrysler Valiant9.1Turbo
Matt Hohenhaus1964 Ford Falcon9.2Turbo
Mark Johnstone1984 Holden Commodore9.9Nitrous
Daniel Barbary1977 Chrysler Centura9.3Turbocharged
Dominic Pelle1980 Mitsubishi Sigma10Turbo
Luke Van Schaik1990 Holden Commodore12.5Turbo
Joshua Grant1979 Holden Commodore9.8Turbo
Justin Mitchell1972 Holden HQ11.1Turbo
Jay Robinson1977 Mazda Capella9.9Turbo
Jason Kenny1989 Holden Calais8.0Turbo
Glenn Archer1977 Toyota Celica9.9Turbocharged
Matt Carpenter1966 Ford Falcon11.3Nitrous
Ryan Featherstone1976 Holden Torana11.0Turbocharged


Nathan Vetrone1969 Mazda R10011N/A
Kyle Breed1989 Holden Commodore11N/A
Donnie Zurcas1970 Ford Capri10.1N/A
Larissa Franke2006 Ford Falcon XR813.6N/A
John Holzer1968 Chevy Camaro10.8N/A
Andrew Waight1972 HQ Holden11N/A
Kevin O’Neill1956 Holden FE11N/A
Nathan Ghosn1970 Ford Capri9.6N/A
Rod Williams1984 Peugeot 50513.5N/A
Mario Gaffiero1967 Chevy Camaro 12N/A
Damien Busbridge1974 Holden HQ Premier11.8N/A
Jason Walter1979 Ford Cortina11.5N/A
Matt Forbes1993 Holden Commodore10.9N/A
Chris Collins1981 Holden Commodore11.4N/A
Les Waight1983 Holden Commodore11.3N/A
Jason WayeMitsubishi Sigma00.0N/A
Corey Edwards1969 Holden HT Premier12N/A
Aaron James1970 Chrysler Valiant Regal9.9N/A


Steve Reimann1963 Dodge 44011.4Nitrous
Steve Hopes1970 Chevy Camaro11Turbo
Mark Whitla1971 Ford Capri7.9Nitrous
Nick Sideris1986 Holden Commodore8.9Turbo
Con Rozokos1975 Holden Statesman11Turbo
Paul Hamilton1972 Ford Falcon8.0Turbo
Marcus Howe1970 Ford Falcon9.2Nitrous
Matt McIntosh2004 Holden HSV9.5Turbo
Bruce Howie1968 Ford Falcon11.3Nitrous
Graeme Horner1982 Holden Commodore10.9Turbo
James Sparkes1970 HG Holden9.9Nitrous
Jake Edwards1975 Holden Torana9Turbo
Veton Kulafi2015 HSV VF GTS9Supercharged
Jason Clark2000 Holden VU Ute9.0Turbo
Matt Grubisa1974 Holden HJ8.5Turbo
David Barber1973 HQ Holden11.2Turbo
Aaron Meneghel1977 Holden Torana9.9Nitrous
Alexis Margaritis2003 HSV Maloo10Turbo
Vincent Stigliano1970 Ford Mustang8.8Turbo
Christopher McGrath1970 Ford Capri9.7Nitrous
Brendan Bubba Medlyn1983 Holden VH Commodore7.8Turbo
Brendan Cherry1987 Holden VL Calais7.9Turbo
Jason Ruby1990 Nissan S138.6Turbo
Todd O’leary2017 Ford Mustang9.6Supercharged


Stephen Willies1970 Ford Ranchero10.9N/A
Gregory Colin Mason1964 Chevy El Camino11N/A
Daniel Cassar1933 Ford Coupe9.9N/A
Robert Giangrave1968 Falcon Ute10.5N/A
Stephen Micallef1973 HQ Holden9.8N/A
Chevy Taylor1962 Chevy Belair10.1N/A
Andrew Natoli1984 Holden Commodore10.5N/A
Mark Busscher1972 Holden One Tonne9.6N/A
Jon Mitchell1970 Dodge Challenger10.5N/A
Grant Grech1977 Holden Torana11.6N/A
Lily Paganoni2018 Ford Mustang N/A


Mark Barber1972 Holden LJ Torana11.5Turbo
Leo FrankeFord Falcon XR6T12.4Turbo
Charlie Attard1970 Holden Torana13Supercharger
John Dzundza1985 Mazda B200011.5Turbo
James Vinton2005 Ford Falcon11.9Turbo
Warick Meldrum1969 Valiant Regal10.3Turbo
Jamie Garreffa1967 VC Valiant Ute9.9Turbo
Tim Grant1994 Holden Commodore11Turbo
Hayden Matthews1993 Ford Falcon11Turbo
Tim Hudson1994 Nissan Skyline13Turbo
Danny Bresciani1992 Nissan Skyline10Turbo
Glenn Richards1984 Ford Falcon11Turbo
Chris Imlach2003 Toyota Hilux12Turbo
Anthony Burns1984 Ford Falcon10.6Turbo
George Lyras1974 Ford Cortina9.1Turbo
Greg Burke2012 Ford Falcon G69.7Turbo
Marcus Cripps1981 Ford Falcon9.2Turbo
Adrian Abela1998 Ford Falcon10.3Turbo
Chris Palfreyman1979 Ford Falcon9.5Turbo


Cam Scott1982 Holden WB12.2N/A
Ben Brown2006 Holden Commodore11.5Supercharged
Scott Rowell1971 Ford Fairlane10.8N/A
Steve Nightingale1972 Ford Falcon10.9N/A
Andrew Haines1970 HT Holden14.4N/A
Grant Dwyer1971 VH Valiant11.9Supercharged
Tim Bennetts1996 Ford Falcon11.9Turbo
Trevor Hunter1976 HJ Holden11.3Turbo
Ben Walker1969 Chrysler Valiant11.2N/A
Geoff Stone1993 Holden Commodore11.5N/A
Lyle Lavery2016 Holden Caprice11.1Supercharged
Stephen Hyslop1978 Holden Torana11.8Supercharged
Jason Davidson1972 Holden10.6Nitrous
Russell Piggott2007 Ford Mustang10.5Supercharged
Lewis Mason2005 Holden Commodore11.6Turbo
Simon Jones1937 Willys Roadster11.7N/A
Daniel Howe1982 Ford Falcon12Turbo
Darren Vartuli2005 Holden One Tonne11.8N/A
Paul Pentland1980 Ford Falcon11.5N/A
Damien Kemp1966 Ford Fairlane11Nitrous
Daryl Amey1971 HG Holden Ute11.5Turbo
Fabian Benjamin1999 Holden Commodore12.1Turbo
Scott McKenzie1956 Holden FE10.7N/A
Chris Paech1975 Holden HJ Monaro12.24N/A
Stewart RichardsonHolden WK Caprice11Turbo
Paul Mulcahy1981 Holden Commodore11Turbo
Steven Gorie1970 Ford Falcon11.7N/A
Shae Kemlo1999 Mitsubishi Triton11.9Turbo
John Kerr1964 Mercury Comet10.7N/A
Bruce ChristiansenToyota Landcruiser 11.5Nitrous
Nicholas McNeil1979 Ford Falcon11.3N/A
Jason Egan2007 Holden Commodore10.9Supercharged
Jamie Egan2008 Ford Falcon10.9Turbo
Dale Palmer1973 HQ Holden13.1N/A
Stuart Suter2002 Ford Falcon13Turbo
Richard Verbeek1969 HK Holden11.6N/A
Wes Parker1991 Holden Berlina11.1Turbo
Ronald Dawes1978 Holden HZ Ute12N/A
Peter Kostrevski1978 VW Golf13Turbo
Marcus Lea1970 Ford Cortina12Supercharged
Brett McDonald2014 HSV GTS9.5Supercharged
Dale Koschel2011 HSV Maloo10.5Turbo
Craig Walker1979 Ford Falcon11.5N/A
Jason Mansweto1971 Ford Falcon Ute11.7N/A
John Whyte1950 Chevy Fleetmaster12.8Turbo
Antonino Muscara2016 Ford Mustang10.2Supercharged
George Eleftheriadis1955 Chevy Belair11.2N/A
Andrew Flood1968 Holden Premier11N/A
Steven Grima1986 Holden Calais9.7Turbo
Rob Bertram1957 Chevy 21010.7Turbo
Damien Reeves1969 Ford Fairmont11Supercharged
Wayne Roberts1972 Holden Torana12.6N/A
Daniel Grima1955 Chevy Belair11.2N/A
Anthony Raschella1972 Plymouth Duster11N/A
Alysha Teale1973 Holden HQ10.8N/A
Matt Carey2006 Holden Ute10.5Supercharged
Rob Forte1968 Ford Falcon12N/A
Jamie Knight1978 Holden HZ Premier10.6Turbo
Dave Curtis1990 Holden Commodore10N/A
Brett Smythe1976 Holden Torana12.0N/A
Paul Turner1971 Holden HQ11.6N/A
Adrian Pitts1983 Holden Commodore12.5N/A
Matthew Tomkins1970 Holden HT10.1Supercharged
Mark Dryden2006 Ford Falcon Ute12.0Turbo
Andrew McLellan2014 Jeep SRT12Supercharged
Luke Graham1968 Ford Fairmont12.3Supercharged
Warren LockettFord Fairlane11.5N/A
Dominic Zito2017 Holden Commodore11.9N/A
Tom Wright1970 Holden HT Premier11.0Turbo
Adam Boys1975 Holden One Tonne11.8Nitrous
Kevin Cox1968 Holden HK wagon10.7Nitrous
Clive Polidano1977 Holden Kingswood10.9Supercharged
Enoch Bailey1989 Ford Falcon12.9Nitrous
Shannon Reeves1971 Ford Fairlane10.2N/A