We check out the lay of the land for outright honours at Street Machine Drag Challenge 2017 after day three at Swan Hill Dragway

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Nathan Jacobs

WE  were stoked to be back at Swan Hill Dragway for the third day at Street Machine Dragway 2017. 

Last year, we where the first race meeting to christen the new quarter-mile track at Swan Hill. The venue recently copped a resurfacing and once again, the Drag Challenge crew had the honour of being the first event to lay rubber.

Here’s the standings of the top ten overall, which is arrived at by combining the entrant’s best ETs at each of the three tracks we have raced at so far. We’ll update the results in more detail ASAP!

1. Quentin Feast, Holden Torana: 21.6640

2. Mark Drew, Holden Torana: 21.8230

3. Jarrod Wood, One Tonner: 22.0590

4. Adam Rogash: VK Commodore: 22.4540

5. Josh Lopreiato, VZ Clubsport: 22.5700

6. Luke Foley, VH Commodore: 22.7860

7. Lorenzo Gullotto, VL Commodore: 23.4920

8. Jason Ghiller, XD Falcon: 23.6270

9. Alon Vella, Ford Capri: 24.1190

10. Stephen Micallef, One Tonner: 24.3330