Alysha Teale’s 383-cube Holden HQ – HERHQ

Sydneysider Alysha Teale and her matteblack HERHQ sedan are Drag Challenge stalwarts and always feature high on the DYO leaderboard

Photographers: Michelle Porobic

This article on Alysha’s HQ was first published in the January 2019 issue of Street Machine

At Street Machine Drag Challenge 2018 Alysha and her Quey had had yet another dream run with the proven 383ci Chev/ TH400/nine-inch combo. “I have been so lucky with this car and engine,” Alysha said. “Anytime something does go wrong I seem to be at or near home.”

Holden HQThis year the K&N Dial Your Own class was ultra-competitive, and Alysha smashed it to place ninth in class for the week. “Obviously it’s nice to win, but I have always said if I can’t win the aim is to be at least Top 10,” she said. She also had some sage advice for those looking to enter DYO: “Just practice; I race a lot so I know my car very well and I just try and do the same thing every time, from staging to shifting, and stalling up to the same revs, etc. I’m not gonna lie; I’m quite proud of the fact that I don’t even have a shift light!

Holden HQ“I look forward to the week all year, to have fun and meet all the new faces and make some new friends.”

Holden HQ‘And will we see HERHQ again next year? “Hell yeah!”