900hp nitrous Barra-powered Falcon coming to Drag Challenge 2018!

Not your usual turbo Barra! This six should make over 900hp thanks to two kits of nitrous


STREET Machine Drag Challenge 2018 is fast approaching, and there are heaps of really cool tough street cars currently in the build for the event. One that we’re following along with interest is Brett Ewings and Sarah Heaney’s Barra-powered Falcon. Brett and Sarah have chosen the path less travelled and gone with a power-adder that’s pretty uncommon with Barra motors – nitrous!

 If you follow along with the Carnage video series, you’ll see that we stuck a nitrous kit on our Barra-powered Toxic Avenger Ford Territory. The fuel system and the tired old motor weren’t really up to it and the whole thing ended up in flames – check it out here. However, Brett and Sarah are doing the whole thing properly, with a built motor, two 400hp kits and the Haltech Elite multi-stage nitrous control.

To ensure the motor is up for the giggle gas, it has DMP I-beam rods, JE pistons, ARP head and girdle studs and Atomic oil pump gears. The top end has a ported cylinder head with 1mm-oversize valves, PAC valve springs with titanium retainers and custom camshafts.

 The nitrous system from Switzer Dynamics has two stages capable of 400hp each, and each kit sprays three of six cylinders. The nitrous is delivered to the engine as a dry kit, with the Haltech controlling the Bosch Motorsport 2200cc injectors and LS coil-pack ignition. For race duties the car will run on methanol fuel; Brett and Sarah have a second fuel system for 98 on the street.

 All up they reckon the combo will make over 900hp pretty comfortably! That should be enough grunt for a low nine if not a high eight in their EB Falcon.

 The rest of the driveline includes a toughened-up BorgWarner rear end with a full spool, 3.7 gears and a chrome-moly tailshaft. The gearbox is a manualised BTR four-speed auto built by Preston Automatics.

Brett and Sarah have built and wired the car themselves, and we look forward to seeing the finished product in action at Drag Challenge, which kicks off at Calder Park on 12 November. The Falcon is currently entered in the K&N DYO class, however Brett and Sarah are thinking about swapping to Haltech Radial Blown as the build has gone a bit crazier than they first expected – I know the feeling!