9-second 900hp 440ci XR Falcon At Drag Challenge – Video

Pat O'Shea's 440ci, 900hp XR Falcon took on Drag Challenge 2017 just one week after it was finished, now that it's run in he's coming back for Drag Challenge Weekend!


PAT O’Shea knows how to make an entrance, wheel-standing his immaculately presented XR on its DC debut. The XR ran consistently throughout the five days, running solidly in second behind Alon Vella’s Capri in Pacemaker Radial Aspirated. While Pat’s business Pat’s Pro Restos is known for top-level show cars, to back this up with a serious Drag Challenge ride is a big feat.

 “I finished the car the week before DC,” said Pat. “It had no road miles and had never towed a trailer so I’m stoked with how the car went.”

 Mechanically the car is brand new. Beneath the two-tone maroon and gold lies a stout 440ci with C4, 6500 stall and nine-inch packed with 4.3s. On Day One Pat said, “It has 874fwhp, it should do 9.4s. It ran a 9.49@142mph last week at Willowbank.”

 On Day Five he backed that up. “I ran a new PB of 9.47@140mph after running faster than 9.57 all week.” And the wheel-stand? “I wasn’t really surprised as it carries the wheels a little every pass – that time I hit the throttle harder than normal. Eventually it should run around the 9.20s once we’re on top of it all.”

 Pat is coming back for Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend in his home state of Queensland come April where we’ll be racing at Willowbank and Warwick raceways over three days. For more information check out the Drag Challenge page!