With competitors from all over the country, Drag Challenge is looking like a cracker!


Street Machine Drag Challenge officially begins tomorrow at Calder Park, but for most of our competitors, the journey has begun days ago. The staunchest effort was from Drag Challenge veteran Brenton Miller, who drove his blown Lexus-powered Centura all the way from Cairns! That is almost 3000km and Brenton did it without a co-driver or even a radio!

Many of the other competitors from interstate elected to tow or truck their cars to Victoria, rather than tempt fate and risk damaging the cars before the racing starts. Once the cars arrive at Calder tomorrow, they’ll have to run under their own steam for the entire event. The only time these babies will see a trailer is when they are pulling them! Click through the gallery for just a taste of what is in store for Drag Challenge.

Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors for helping make Drag Challenge 2015 possible: HaltechCastlemaine Rod ShopMack 247 and Turbosmart.