Blown 253-powered Ford Escort Mexico – Video

This Ford Escort Mexico is a rally-themed burnout car powered by a blown Holden 253 V8!


HERE’S something you don’t see every day: Shannon Heraud’s Ford Escort Mexico, which he debuted at Meguiar’s MotorEx recently. Built as a burnout car to replace his LH Torana, the Escort makes use of the Torrie’s Holden 253 V8 motor, albeit with a new 4/71 blower and EFI set-up. On around 8psi she pumps out 500hp, which hits the deck through a Powerglide and nine-inch rear end. It’s a combo that might stir up the purists, but it does exactly what Shannon wants.

 The theme for this build was a 70s and 80s-style sports sedan or tarmac race car, and Shannon has really knocked that out of the park with the rally-inspired interior and exterior treatment. The big wheels with the white Hoosier branding on the tyres is a nice little touch that finishes the car off well. Basically if you took the big blower off, this thing would look right at home at a European tarmac rally or hillclimb.

 But Shannon has other ideas; this car was built to shred tyres and be driven hard on the burnout pad, and we like that it’s something a bit out of the ordinary compared to the rest of the cars in the burnout scene. It’s also finished to a really high standard and certainly won over plenty of people while it was on show at MotorEx. We can’t wait to see it rip a skid.